And so the 2ww begins!! Any 2ww buddies??


Just to update you all, we had our only frostie transferred today which was a grade 4bc not the greatest but we are keeping our fingers and toes crossed for this little bean! Once again I have embie on board for my birthday haha another sober birthday for me!! Now I need to get through this 2ww without going insane!

Wishing everyone all the best on their current cycles or journeys xxxx

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  • Good Luck ๐Ÿ€๐Ÿ€

  • Thanks Button! Hope all is well with you x

  • Good luck & fingers crossed for you x

  • Thank you. Wishing you all the best on your cycle too x

  • Hi,

    I had my transfer yesterday. Now in the 2 week wait. 1st time using ICSI so new at this whole thing, we had a 3 days transfer. Fingers and toes crossed for us both:) xxx

  • Aww congratulations! Best of luck to you! Let's get through this dreaded 2ww haha x

  • I've got EC tomorrow so will hopefully be joining you soon. It's my birthday this weekend too so sober birthday for both of us. All the very best of luck to you. Xx

  • Haha its typical isn't it. Virgin mojitos for me I think! Best of luck for EC tomorrow xx

  • Thank you. Feeling pretty nervous now!

  • Good luck im in on

    Thursday for egg collection so not far behind x

  • Aww best of luck to you too for EC on Thursday xx

  • I'm in! Fresh day 5 transfer done on Saturday, testing Wednesday 10 May. When are you testing?

  • Congratulations! How's it been for you so far? I'm testing on 13th x

  • So far so good - the first 3.5 days have gone by swiftly and with some positive thoughts but no obsession. Likely to change though as test day draws closer! Still undecided if I wait for the blood test next Wednesday or if I'll do a "pre-test" at home one or two days before so either I can get excited early, or have a softer landing of a bad news message on the Wednesday (or a great surprise). What are you ladies thinking about testing yourself early?

  • Well done for holding it together so far. I think it best to try and forget about it and wait until test day however I know how hard it is. I tested early because I started spotting about a week in and ended up testing daily which was expensive and stressful. I'm hoping this time I will just wait until test day and make sure I'm belted in for the result! The dangers with testing early is that u end up going stir crazy unnecessarily but that's just my view and I know I probably will cave in myself x

  • I know... rationally I know it's better not to, but can see the emotionally risk of getting looped in! There's cheapo tests on Amazon (company is called Home Health I think). They cost pennies. Same strips as the bigger brands, just not in a plastic casing so more fiddly. Their ovulation strips worked a treat.

  • This time round I've luckily got two expensive tests left over plus two tests the clinic gave me as they don't do bloods. Keep us updated on how u get on x

  • My embies are Day 3 but lab want to take to day 5 so Thursday .... hoping and praying that I'll be with u in 2ww Thursday ! X

  • Best of luck to you. If the lab feels that they should proceed to day 5 then you have a very good chance that they will. Look forward to hearing how you get on x

  • Good luck! I am in my 2WW too! We only had two embryos, so they were both transferred on Day 2. Fortunately they were both really good quality (one Grade 1 and one Grade 2) so I'm hoping and praying they continued making such good progress in my uterus! Testing on 12th May.

  • Well done that sounds fantastic that you have two good embies on board. Best of luck with your test day! How have u coped so far with your 2ww?

  • Me too! Transfer yesterday. Am petrified! First cycle following two miscarriages and years of undiagnosed endo. One little embie made it.....fingers and toes crossed. Wishing you loads of luck too! Xxxx

  • Oh wow ur in same boat as me with one little fighter on board! Praying for us both! When is your test day? Mines the 13th x

  • Yeah one little guy made it! I hope and pray for us both too. My test is 14th...will see how long I hold out hahaha xxx

  • I'm in the 2ww club...2 transferred on the 24th, so I get to do my test this Saturday. Thankfully the weather is good so I'm spending most of my time outdoors, walking the dogs and seeing to the horse (no riding though). I'm trying very hard not to focus on every little twinge and resist the temptation to test early. Good luck.x

  • Fingers crossed for you for Saturday! You're doing really well keeping your mind focused on other things. I need to keep busy but can't help researching. I have no symptoms but it's early days for me x

  • I dont have any symptoms other than a sore bloated tummy which started with the cyclogest. I'm so full of medication I wouldn't know what is natural and what is articial.

    To be honest I'm just going with it, it's too late to change anything now. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Was this a fresh cycle? I feel very different to how I felt on my fresh cycle. Everything was sore and swollen as I had mild OHSS and was in agony but luckily the symptoms calmed down by time of transfer as I drank more water. I haven't had any symptoms with this medication on my FET so I'm cautiously looking for any slight change lol x

  • No it wasn't a fresh cycle, I have been on Prostrap injections, Progynova tablets and cyclogest. The Cyclogest makes me feel bloated and abit sore, almost like I need to wee.

    I've had sore boobs, again this could be the cyclogest. The main thing that I've noticed over the last few days is an increase in my pulse rate. I exercise quite abit so I wear a Fitbit, my resting pulse is usually between 45-53bpm. It has gone up to 58- 60bpm, I've also noticed that it elevates with the slightest activity. Medication? Maybe.

  • It's all sounding very promising to me! Any chance could be a sign?

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