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Looking for a support group in Nottingham


Hi everyone. I am just about to start my first round of IVF in December. I have just finished 3 cycles of IUI and am finding the whole process very difficult. I am excited but obviously slightly nervous to start IVF as i have not had the best of time with the meds. Family and friends have been great but i am feeling isolated as a lot of them either have children or are pregnant or simply don't understand.

I was hoping to a find a nice group of ladies who are going through and experiencing the same things as me. It would be nice to meet for coffee and have a chat and maybe a cry (depending on the hormones that day).

Does anyone know of any groups or would be interested in organising something?

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If you take a look at the CARE website they do a walk and talk in Nottingham- as far as I know you don’t have to be one of their patients to join in x

Thanks Lizzie. I did see that but wasn't sure if i could go as i am with Nurture not CARE x

Wish I was closer, as always looking for coffee or support groups!

Sure is an emotional rollercoaster so hope you find a group x


I'm in Scotland , we are waiting to discus IUI with consultant after confirmed diagnosis this week. I'm so scared , I don't know what it expect. Due to staff shortages the clinic are only talking to us over the phone , so been told it will likely be that option first.

My partner is the one that has the fertility issue.

If you need a chat , someone to vent to , just give me a message.

Its hard talking with family and friends , when they don't fully understand. Sometimes feels so lonely.

MissN in reply to Misschalmers94

I know that feeling!! I am not sure how this site works in terms of private messages. Send me one and i would be happy to talk you through the IUI process and what to expect xx

Hey Hun I'm in Notts and just finished an unsuccessful round of iui and more than likely moving to ivf in the new year. Be good to keep in touch! Xx

MissN in reply to HollyT7

Hi Holly, that would be great. Would def be good to keep in touch. Do you want to send me your number? I'm not sure how this site works, if you can send a private message or not? xx


Hi, I live about an hour away but we are having our treatment in Nottingham, currently awaiting a consultation about moving forward with a FET. This process is really hard so it’s always good to have people to talk to who understand x

MissN in reply to Hidden

Yes it really is. Where are you having your treatment?

I’m in Leicester and am being treated at Care in Nottingham. I have been through IVF and am currently thinking about using Donor Egg. If you have any questions or need to chat PM me xx good luck xx

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