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Hi all, having just started the IVF process and just had EC yesterday.... now the wait begins 😣 as we wait to hear about fertilization, hopefully get some to day 5 and then a few weeks of waiting for our biopsy results. I wonder if everyone could share methods of how they manage the process? I'm quite keen to get both physically and mentally in a good place while we wait. What is everyone's ideas? xx

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I recommend Yoga with Adriene on YouTube - there are loads of videos to choose from depending on what you're feeling in need of. I've found them very relaxing and comforting.

Good luck with the wait - fingers crossed for good news on your embies xx

Lots of luck for your fertilisation update 🤞🏻 It is a stressful time and waiting for results or for the next step of your treatment does create anxiety. I found daily exercise helpful for body and mind, long walks in the countryside with the dog. Eating a healthy, balanced diet and drinking lots of water. That said, if you feel stressed out and you think a slice of cake might help, go for it! Everything in moderation ☺️ No alcohol and minimal caffeine. Keep taking your pregnancy multivitamin. Get enough sleep. Acupuncture might also help with stress relief and also to improve blood flow etc. Listening to guided meditation and or positive visualisations might also help. Can’t think of anything else at the minute


Thank you so helpful! It's just nice to hear what people do. I wish We had a dog :( but my HO says no at the minute... I've had a look at acupuncture and there's a local one specialising in IVF/fertility so might have a go. Will try some yoga too xx

Probably best not to get a dog right now, you’ve probably enough on your plate 😉 The lady I went to for acupuncture specialised in fertility and she had been through IVF herself which was amazing for me as I’d never had a conversation in “real life” with someone else who’d been through it before! It was almost like a therapy session! Yoga sounds like a really great idea too xx

Many ladies recommended a mindfulness app. Just type in fertility mindfulness. Keeping busy is really important, keeping as distracted as possible. Good luck for the coming days and weeks xx

Good luck lovely! I recommend the mindfulness app. I did one every day and it really was 10 mins of calm in an otherwise washing machine head 2ww. I wouldn't say I zoned out completely but just having it to focus on really helped.

I did acupuncture once a week and I also had reflexology which was a lovely foot massage but I stopped because I got to know the woman to well and she talked and talked!!

I also listened to audiobooks whenever I was feeling stressy or anxious. I found that my mind couldn't worry when it was listening to a story!

And I kept going to work and having as much of a 'normal' life as possible

Good luck xx

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