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Severe cramps


Hello I’m 9dp5dt and I’ve had severe cramping..I had some mild cramps for the last few days but then severe at 3am (woke me up) and then again now for the last half hour. So bad that I was shaking, doubled over and thought I was going to pass out. It’s eased off now and I’ve taken some paracetamol. It just reminds me of the pain I had when I had a miscarriage. Has anyone else experienced this? Xx

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Im sorry to read about ur severe cramps. Have you spoken to your clinic or GP? If you are not bleeding this can only be a good sign right? Im hoping its something and nothing for you. Sending lots of hugs and positive vibes🤞xx

Italy16 in reply to Masha111

Thank you for your reply. I rang the clinic and they just said to take paracetamol and that it’s not unusual to experience severe cramps in the two week wait xx

I've had one transfer and I had light twinges and slight cramps.

I'm glad the pain has eased off for now but I would advise you call the clinic in the morning and hopefully they can put your mind at rest or offer some advice.


Italy16 in reply to genten

Thanks for your reply, I’ve called them and they just said it’s quite usual although I didn’t expect them to be so painful. Guess I will just have to watch and wait xx

genten in reply to Italy16

That's good (not the pain). Good luck for otd xxx

Hi I’m having twinges at the moment too it’s really not nice is it, they aren’t severe but making me worry I’m going to come on my period.. I’m due to test Friday so just praying it will be ok.

I’ve had twinges almost every day since transfer hoping it’s just implantation.

Good luck and hope all ok with you xx

thanks for your message. I’m due to test Friday too! I think I just panicked a bit earlier as they reminded me of the pain I had during my miscarriage. There is just no way of knowing until Fri. Good luck with your test 🤞 have you any other symptoms? Xx

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