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Collection tomorrow


Egg collection tomorrow this is my second cycle, I can’t belive the time has come, so nervous but feel more excited this time even though my first attempt failed.

I have 5 good size follicles and 2 small ones at 11mm she said she’s hoping by tomorrow the other two small ones may be big enough to retrieve too 🙏I was suppose to have another scan today but they said I don’t need to as I’m ready so in I go tomorrow.

Just wanted to wish everyone all the luck in the world let’s do this girlies 🙏🙏❤️❤️💖💖💞xx

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Best of luck with your egg collection! It's great you are excited and feeling positive. Hope all goes well xx

Good luck for tomorrow. xxx

Good luck. Hope all goes well. Xx

Good luck!!xx

Wishing you luck, hope you get some nice eggs!!xx

Good luck xxx

Very best of luck with your egg collection. Hope all goes well xx

How did you get on? xx

Just come out of theatre but only had 4 retrieved I got so upset as was told 7 at the scan. Just happy I have 4 now to see if any fertilise 🙏🙏 thanks for asking . Such a rollercoaster isn’t it? Now in recovery room drinking lots of hot chocolate lol x

Dunla in reply to jessleach2018

Four eggs is something really positive to work with. Well done. Rest up and take it easy for the rest of the day xx

Definitely something to work with. Hopefully they’ll be great eggs that make the toughest little embies. Keep us posted xx

Sending you love and baby dust...keep enjoying lots of hot choc!!! 😋 xxx


Four eggs are great and I hope you are feeling ok. Wishing you all the best for the call tomorrow. xx

jessleach2018 in reply to Hidden

Thank you so much x

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