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Feeling low coz of royal baby. NK cells tested


Dear All

I am desperate to get my NK cells tested but don’t know how. I’m with a Greek clinic who said they don’t do NK testing. Can anyone make recommendations please?

I am feeling desperate and low at the moment. The royal baby news has really hurt me. I knew it was coming but I am surrounded by so many pregnant women that it just feels like the final slap in the face that I can’t take.


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Hi dear

I do feel exactly the same! Im living in Sweden and 39! After having 2 ivf round I beg my dr to do a NK cell or NK biopsy but she said they dont do it at all and she pretends that she even dont know what it is exactly!Im desperatly looking for a clinic in Sweden but everybody refusing it!

I also felt the same when Ive heard Megan’s pregnancy today and told my husband that everybody is getting pregnant except for me! We were also invited to visit our friends tonight who is4 months pregnant now and they showed us sonography pic and spoke about it whole the night! She just decided to get preg in the summer and it happened though! Im happy for them with all my heart but I wanted it so badly too! Now its 5:45 am and I could sleep just a few hours! I feel so depressed and tired of my life and myself!

Checking the forum and posts here is the only thing makes me feel Im not alone! We must try to be stronger as our lives are togher than the others it seems! Wish all the best hope we go to our preggo way by the new year too❤️❤️🤗🤗🤗


Sweetie I’m so sorry to hear you are feeling like that. Struggling to conceive can often feel like a very lonely place at times. But you are never alone & we all here understand.

I had my NK cells tested via a blood test at Wessex fertility clinic ( my own clinic didn’t offer that test) It is a test you have to pay for privately but the NHS will find treatment for it.

You can have your NK cells tested via blood test or a biopsy of your uterus. Some will prefer you to have the biopsy- it is best to check with your specialist which test they prefer. My fertility doctor preferred the biopsy test but agreed to prescribe prednisone during the 12 weeks of pregnancy (I’m currently 7 weeks pregnant) I am so happy I had the test done as it gives our baby a better chance 😘

Some ladies will have have the nk cells tested at Coventry under Professor Quenby. It costs around the £500 mark.

I felt you many times I wanted to throw the towel in. It has taken us 7 years & 1 month & numerous surgeries to treat my endometriosis & 1 early loss but we got there in the end. It can happen. Your time will come. When I felt low I reminded myself we were on a journey but one way or another we’d get there & our baby was worth fighting for & so is yours. You can do this. It will be you one day celebrating your happy news 😍

Lots of hugs to you baby announcements aren’t easy 😢 xoxo

Rainbowhope in reply to Hidden

Thanks for this reply. I have emailed Dr Quenby. Do you know of Dr Raj Rai from Imperial University?

Hi have just messaged you Hun. The best thing about Warwick and Coventry hospital is that they prescribe you the steroids if you have high NK cells. So you don't have to get them off your clinic x

Rainbowhope in reply to NDE1987

Emailed them now and waiting for a response. I can’t sleep again. Thank you so much for your response. X

Im also at a Greek clinic but they offered me immunes and NK cell testing albeit through bloods not actually womb biopsies and they also tested my lining for hidden infections when I had hysteroscopy. I have heard of a clinic as someone mentioned below in Coventry but the standard treatment appears to be steriods. Ive got slightly raised issues and had intralipids last time but my clinic have agreed to me trying gentle steriods this time at my request. This seems to be the standard treatment if you have the test and its positive so you might even want to give it a go without the tests if you can convince your clinic to give it a try.xx

I feel like the steroid route sounds like it works for most people. My clinic are dead against the biopsy of the womb because they feel it will damage the womb. I have emailed Coverty and Warwickshire hospital so let’s see what they say.

My clinic say there's no recent evidence to say that steriods work but they agreed to let me give it a go. Like you Ive seen lots of women have success with this and they said there would be no harm so long as I reduce salt & sugar. To be honest its the only thing I havent tried so wanted to give it a shot! See what Coventry say!xx

Sorry I can’t help you about the no testing but I just wanted to say seeing it on the news and every talkkng about it got me hard too.

About to sort my baby’s funeral and that’s all I see it so dam hard! I know how you feel x

Tugsgirl in reply to Missy_22

Oh Missy 😞 How are you holding up? xx

Missy_22 in reply to Tugsgirl

Yes I’m getting there slowly. Funeral Tuesday and trying to get focused. Xx

Tugsgirl in reply to Missy_22

Sending virtual hugs xx

Tugsgirl in reply to Missy_22

Thinking of you today Missy_22 xx

Rainbowhope in reply to Missy_22

I haven’t been able to get your post out of my head. I am heartbroken for you. I’m so sorry for your loss. I will be thinking of you and sending you all my love to help your u get through this difficult day. Xxx

Cinderella5 in reply to Missy_22

Thinking of you today!xxx


Dr Quenby team in Coventry the cost is about £509 if I can rem correctly.

Ladies those who have had prednisone would you mind me asking how many mg of prednisone did you take and did you start the prednisone a couple of weeks before the transfer?

Hidden in reply to Hidden

As mine was only slightly raised @12% ( under 10% is normal range) my fertility doctor has agreed I can only have prednisone 5mgx2 a day from a positive test to 12 weeks pregnant. I have had no side effects from them. xoxo

Hidden in reply to Hidden

Thank you x

I had a biopsy that determined the cells in the uterine lining, NK and the like, and also my implantation window. They don’t agree with having just the bloods as there are views that this has no baring on the NK cells in the uterine cavity (but this is just my clinics opinion!) I’ll pm you their details for you to have a look, but I’m in London so not sure if that’s tricky? Totally understand what you mean about the royal baby!! Xxxx

Thank you for your email Hun. I will email this clinic to see if they can see me. London is fine for me. At this point I think anywhere is not too far. I am struggling to cope with anxiety and stress, hence my 3am message but looking for solutions always makes me feel better

I have to say they’re really nice there, and I think if you go on their website they’re having some sort of open day so you might be able to have a chat for free.

3am is always the bloody witching hour! Last night I dreamt I had a baby, named her Betty, then realised it was a cat, all around that time! I’ve lost the frigging plot! 🤣🤣

Feel free to message whenever sweets xxx

During the little sleep I did get I dreamt my mum had a baby girl and gave it to me as a present! We are indeed all going nuts.

Ha! If we don’t laugh we’d cry!!! Xxx

I wasn’t on the forum to see the royal announcement but I saw it on Facebook of course. Every single page I follow (nothing to do with the royals or babies) were congratulating them, except the infertility and miscarriage awareness pages. It temporarily winded me. There’s been such a massive campaign from lots of different camps about October being pregnancy and infant loss awareness month, many buildings across the uk were lit in pink and blue for the “wave of light” movement on October 15th, their timing couldn’t have been worse! Good for them but I wish they’d have at least waited until November to announce their news xx

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