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Praying for 3rd time lucky!


Hi all

We had our 3rd EC this morning. What a difference between private and NHS even just down to the smallest detail. 10 eggs collected, I think fair to say we were all surprised by that, including the staff as with having treatment for Endo my AMH has halved to 6.1. Just hoping that they are all mature and of decent quality. Hoping the 5 months of DHEA has helped and we get a decent fertilisation over night. Feeling ok at the moment slight cramping so just taking it easy for the rest of the day.

Hope you are all well whatever stage you are at.

Jac x

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Great news WeeJacs! Well done you, that's a great starting number! Fingers crossed for fertilisation, keep us posted!xx

I found difference between private and NHS massive too. I was kind of glad that we only got 1 cycle funded and were forced to safe the money and look elsewhere. Fingers crossed for all the eggs to be mature. Good luck x

Keeping my fingers crossed for you and that you get positive news tomorrow x

Thats a great number of eggs, all the best of luck to you! It gives me a little hope as ive been on DHEA for 4 months and im about to go back for fresh round number 2.


Hi Weejacs. Just wanted to wish you well with this. Keep up with drinking water for a few more days and have a rest when you can. Diane

Wee update ladies. All 10 eggs were mature and 7 fertilised, very very happy with that. Now praying a few make it to Tuesday for 5 day transfer x

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