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Feeling anxious 3rd time lucky?

We went for our consultation yesterday for our second fresh cycle (third embryo transfer). The consultatant didn't really know why the last one failed to implant. He thinks my ovaries are stuck with some adhesions I'm hopefully having a laparoscopy in the next few weeks to hopefully sort that out and starting the cycle 6 weeks after that. I have an amh of 5.6 so we are going to do maximum stimulation of 450 menopaur. I feel as though I should be feeling more positive than I do. Think I just feel anxious after last time and it took me such a long time to recover after the negative test. Any success stories with low amh after a few attempts? Anything I can do to improve? I've tried acupuncture and reflexology xxx

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I'm only in my first cycle but imagine how you must be feeling. Are they offering any investigations? If this cycle fails I'm looking at prof quenby's investigation for NK cell tests. Had endoscratch and embryo glue this time. Not sure if egg quality would be an issue for you but I've also focused on that because of my age. But if you had a good embryo esp blastocyst put back then I think the reasoning would be to look at womb issues. I wouldn't have thought your ovarian adhesions would be an issue unless they meant the clinic were unable to get many eggs? I have endo, cysts and adhesions, and it didn't stop them in my case getting a good number.

Ask if they can check if they will look in to your womb at all during your lap - it would be good maybe to get a biopsy done or at least a camera check? Also if they do end up working on your ovaries and/or you feel it takes a while to recover from the lap you shouldn't feel under pressure to do your third cycle until you're ready. I'm sure there are other people who've got better suggestions. This is just what popped up in my mind

Maybe try this forum? fertilityfriends.co.uk/foru...

ESP the limbo land thread...

Good luck!

Diane the fertility network nurse on here also has a useful list of questions to ask if a cycle fails. You should be able to find her details via the search facilty x


Thanks that's great no I've never been given much explanation as to why the cycle has failed I've had immune issues in the past so I did ask about that. He wasn't keen to do nk cell testing and just suggested level one immune testing. Thankyou for the forum that's interesting. I'm having a camera check and there going to do a biopsy of my womb when they do the camera check so il see what that comes back with! Xxxx

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Good luck!



I'm another low amh girl but having my first treatment in January so can't comment. I've been reading and supplementing a LOT to help give myself the most help that I can, whilst I am taking all sorts already, I came across this list which sort of lists it all together!


It's just the melatonin that you should only take for the 4 weeks prior to collection.

It may be worth doing 12 weeks of the supplements to try and improve both egg count and quality. I've doubled my amh from 2.3 to 4.6 and lowered my fsh from 22.5 to 14.5 and I put it down to supplements and higher protein, high healthy fats and better diet.



Thanks Orla I've had a good look at that and added some of the supplements to my list it's very interesting xxx


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