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Day 6 update


We only have one more to freeze from the 5 embryos they were observing overnight. Quite disappointed that we only got 3 in total from the original 8 that fertilised. Are these normal numbers from using a donor egg do you think? It seems quite low to me.

I am really not happy with the one sentence of an update we've been receiving from the clinic. It literally said 'from the 5 we were observing we have frozen one more.' No explaination about its quality or what happened to the embryos that haven't made it. This has happened during every stage since our donors egg collection. Is this normal amount of information to be given when we have such a huge amount invested in this? It's just not enough for me. I need more reassurance. I have emailed my link nurse in UK to see if she can get a few more answers.

Sorry for all the questions but here's another... I've had sickness, headaches and felt lightheaded today and wondered if the Progynova can cause this? Anyone had any of these symptoms?i know it can cause sickness and my dose is spread out evenly to avoid this. But felt quite rubbish today.

Now to sit tight for the 18th for scan and bloods.

Thanks for listening to me rant xxx

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Have you been designated a coordinator over there? And have the 3 embryos all gone to blastocyst stage? It's very frustrating when a clinic doesn't give you the information you need but hang on in there 3 is still a good number. We are using donor eggs and managed to get 6 but they told us we were Lucky as some people only get 1 or 2. Ours were all top grades but 2 haven't worked so far so it doesn't really mean anything, if it's going to stick it will stick! guess it's just down to the luck of the draw. Good idea to email your link nurse, you may get more answers soon. See if the clinic cAn designate you a coordinator, ours has been an absolute rock to us, all the best and hang on in there xxx

Hope4usall in reply to Abaco

Hi yeah I think we were designated a Coordinator but it seems to be difficult people that message us. I'll find out who it is. The first two embryos are good quality blastocyst. Don't know about the third but it's been frozen today and its day 6?? Thank you for you support, and fills me with a bit. More confidence that people often only get 1 or 2.xx

Different people *

Abaco in reply to Hope4usall

Really Good to have 2 great quality blastocysts! we have a day 6, it was more of a slow grower but made it to top grade still so don't worry about it being a day 6. See if you can get hold of your coordinators email address or number that way you're only dealing with 1 person instead of several. Hang on in there with the progynova, have heard it can really knock people about! I've got to take mine as a pessary which isn't very pleasant but I don't have the side effects. Here if you need me, I know what it's like to go through this and you're not alone! Xxx

Hope4usall in reply to Abaco

Thank you so much. You've made me feel better. I really. Hope this is our time 🤞

How is your journey going? X

Abaco in reply to Hope4usall

Here anytime and I really mean that! After many immune tests and endless months of waiting we have just been given the go ahead for our next transfer, we are both so very excited! Just waiting for cycle to start now and then it's all systems go. Fingers crossed it's our time! 🤞🙏xxx

Hope4usall in reply to Abaco

Yay!!! Fantastic news! I have everything crossed for you both xxx🤞🤞🤞💕

Abaco in reply to Hope4usall

Thank you so much! same to you too!🤞🤞🤞🙏🙏🤗xxx

I don’t have a donor egg experience but from 13 eggs, 9 were mature, 8 fertilised normally and I got 4 blastocysts, 2 on day 5 with 1 being transferrred and another 2 frozen day 6. They wouldn’t freeze them if they weren’t good enough and your numbers seem about normal. Fingers crossed 1 of them gives you your much wanted BFP x

Thankyou. Yes that's true, only the very good ones can be frozen. X

Hi Hope4usall. I'd ask to speak to the embryologist directly if you aren't getting enough information or your questions answered by the co-ordinator. We had the embryoscope included in our cycle and out of the 11 eggs we had collected, most of them seemed to show a lot of fragmentation so I really wanted to know why this was. However by Day 5 they seemed to be saying that we shouldn't be concerned about the previous fragmentation if they had made it to blastocyst. We ended up with 1 to transfer and 1 to freeze (it only just made it) but the fresh transfer failed and I'm pretty sure the FET has too (BFN yesterday at 9dp5dt). One of the embryologists did say that sometimes the egg and sperm just don't get on together (I'd love to see the scientific explanation for this!) but I'm wondering whether the age of the donor had anything to do with it (I don't know how old she was but guessing early 30s).

Yeah the drugs make me feel pretty rubbish. Annoyingly they make me feel the same as I did in v. early stages of pregnancy when I had my natural pregnancies (before mc) i.e. queasy in morning, sleepy in afternoon, achey, bloated etc. Make sure you drink plenty of water. xx

Thankyou, yeah I might do that. Im Sorry to hear of your difficult journey. Really hoping it's a false negative. Xx

Thank you. xx

Yep, the drugs can definitely make you feel rubbish.

We got 8 eggs from our donor and then eventually ended up with 5 embryos. Even though it is far better than I ever got you hear of people on here having loads collected. I wondered whether the Spanish clinics are more cautious and don't want to over-stimulate the donor. They know the quality of the eggs is likely to be good so aren't as worried about the numbers.


I had an email today from Spain and they said the three embryos frozen are of really good quality which has made me feel a lot better. Maybe Spain are just more caution x

3 isnt too bad really! That's 3 really good chances there and remember they only freeze the ones that are likely to survive the thaw so they must be good ones. In terms of numbers, it seems to vary....we were in Athens, had 10 DE, 8 fertilised and we got 6 blastocysts but I think we were super lucky really! I didnt get too many symptoms with the progynova but others have really struggled on it, hopefully your symptoms settle down. Good luck and keep us posted with how you get on with the next steps!xx

Good day

I had 4 retrieved only 2 were fertilised and had nothing to freeze transfered both at day 5 . Now im 21 pregnant with twins a boy and girl.

All I'm trying to say quantity doesn't really matter quality makes wonders. Good luck xxxx

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