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Has anyone had IVF at Leeds fertility? I was browsing their website and noticed they a scheme which costs around £9000 where by for 2 years you can have unlimited egg collections and transfers and includes everything bar the add ons. The other bonus is that if you do not have a child after 2 years they will refund the full amount. Of course there are certain requirements to meet such as being under 38 but I thought this may be beneficial for those having to fund their own

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I haven't, thanks for posting. Would love to know how people feel about this clinic...

People will direct message with feedback on the clinic as we are not supposed to "advertise". Hope you have had lots of replies x

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bms12 in reply to Camillage

Oh are we not. Okay thank you!

That sounds like an amazing deal. I would be looking for the catch!

I think it's for people deemed near enough perfect candidates e.g. normal ovarian function and reserve, age, womb etc. I have PCOS so everything is fine but I dont ovulate on my own

Don't want to break any rules about advocating clinics but I will say to look at the scores it gets on the HFEA website. They are usually a good guide of quality x


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Oh thank you. To be honest when i posted I wasn't aware of the advertising rule!

It doesn't include drugs which come out at around 1k depending on cycle and level of stims. It's with access fertility which offer plans at loads of clinics in the uk.

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