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Some positives on this rainy Sunday?!


Hi all

So it’s my turn today to start the positivity train so I’m hoping you’ll all join me and share your stories! I love reading them and they truly brighten up my day (especially when it’s pouring down outside)

This weekend I had my mother in law round and I managed to get through it without killing her! Plus I was even able to be lovely to her and so now hubs is very happy with me and we’ve been having a lovely evening together!

Any more positives from your day/weekend? I’m also loving the inspirational quotes xxx

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hey hun well done you on the mil front so i found this quote from nelson Mandela. ..I learned that courage was not the absence of fear but the triumph over it. the brave man (or woman!!) is not he/she who doesn't feel afraid but who conquers that fear....a sentiment I think rings true for us all on here and one that resonated with me as I face last fet in a few weeks and maybe what you needed to face mil 😂my positive for today was another touch of courage and I went and got a short haircut..not sure I like it but hoping I will be a mum in 9 months so shorter hair be better and what with my new dresses yesterday..I am all set for a night in 😂😂😂xxx

Franco81 in reply to vic77

That’s a great quote and so true, I might keep that somewhere handy as a reminder. We are all bloody amazing aren’t we!

You sound so positive at the moment too, Iots of changes and fingers crossed the good vibes continue for your fet xxx

This made me laugh out loud. I know the feeling with the MIL. I always say to hubby after we spend time with her “I was in my best behaviour” 😂.

My positive today is getting new ikea wardrobes built 💪🏼. Obv not me but OH did a good job lol.

Franco81 in reply to Reb990

Haha I’m exactly the same, I feel very proud of myself when I’ve been good! Lol

Sounds like you have a similar relationship with your MIL, I feel your pain! Xx

Sounds like a lovely weekend! My positive is, We celebrated my husband birthday all weekend, with family and friends! He had lots of surprise gifts, and a fab cake. He has been spoilt. But I wouldn’t have it any other way! I love a celebration!! We have had a lovely chilled day today, watching films and cuddling up on the sofa with the dog!! I also found the Nigela in me and cooked a home made carrot and sweet potato soup. Lovely for these cold days! Xxx


I found out today my hubby has been stashing some cash when he can to save up for my 40th birthday ( I'm 38) ❤.

He's a real dimond 😊 but don't tell him i said that lol

Dunla in reply to Hidden

That’s so lovely 😊

Franco81 in reply to Hidden

Wow what a lovely thing to discover, sounds like you have a very thoughtful husband there xxx

Hidden in reply to Franco81

He has his moments 🤣

That’s a good positive. Well done 👍🏻

I did some DIY at my Mum’s. Fitted her a new towel rail and toilet roll holder. So I’m feeling pretty proud of myself ☺️ It’s not much but ya know, it wasn’t a bad day xx

Dunla in reply to Tugsgirl

Well done you x

Well done on not killing your mother in law 😂 That made me laugh xx

Franco81 in reply to Dunla

Thanks, it wasn’t easy! Lol

Such a good positive. Lol. You obviously have a very very good inner strength xx

Franco81 in reply to Camillage

I must do! Haha x

A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and.... his mother ! 😜

(You can Fill in the gaps lol)

It definitely works

Masha111 in reply to Saya85

Yes but some you cant please. No matter what you do lol

Franco81 in reply to Saya85

That is so so true! X

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