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IVM is happening!


On Monday, I will undergo egg collection so my injection is tomorrow night!

I woke up today with a stinking cold - will this cause me any issues?

I’m a little frightened about the collection, partly for the same reason as everyone else ... what if I don’t have any eggs? What if the eggs I have are rubbish?

I’m also worried about it being painful.

IVM is meant to be a bit more painful than conventional ivf - or at least the egg collection part is.

Is there any advice anyone can give me, what should I wear there, will I be sick after the anaesthetic? Should I take time off work - will I need pads?


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Ahhh exciting!!!! I, like you was worried about egg collection however I was ‘sedated’ but remember nothing from the first one! Second one I remember bits but couldn’t feel a thing!

I didn’t have any issues with sickness, just a bit of pain after, like period paid but worse. I had to be off work and couldn’t drive for 48 hours, was told to relax, no lifting (not even a kettle) I also had to take pads but barely bled.

Trust me, this part of nothing compared to the emotional side of things. I’m in my 2ww now and slowly going mental 😫😫

Best of luck hon xx

AJJ123 in reply to Sibbo84

Thank you for your reply. Ok good to know I should take pads - just in case.

I’m sure the no lifting a kettle could be advantageous ;).

I have been prescribed codeine, will need that then rather than sticking it straight in the cupboard.

I’m very excited, it’s a step closer than I have been in years and it’s so interesting how it all works. Fingers crossed for you, I have them crossed for me too xx

Wish I had some advice but I don't sorry. Just wanted to wish you all the best hun really hope this is your time and things go according to plan. Lots of love 😘😘💝💝

Thank you so much xxxx

Aww it understandable to be worried.

I found egg collection absolutely fine, I had slight pain but nothing concerning thankfully. I just paracetamol for the pain I had. I wasn't sick.

I wore comfortable clothes whilst I waiting for collection and then changed in to the hospital gown, I was told to bring slippers,a warm gown and something to read (I didn't read anything as I was too nervous but my husband did).

Wishing you all the best. Xx

AJJ123 in reply to genten

Thank you, I will take some comfortable clothing and dressing gown.

They’ve not mentioned this to me, so thanks for letting me know xx

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