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3 day v5 day fet


Got call from lab. Only 3 of our 6 eggs defrosted and they are probably looking at 3 day transfer. They will call tomorrow to update if today’s fertilisation has worked. To my mind if they don’t think they will make 5 day blastocyst is there any point. Do you want to go through another 2ww for nothing filling yourself with crap drugs.

Anybody been here? Success in 3dt? My mind is it’s pointless 😢😢😢

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Not personally but plenty of ladies have success with a 3 day embryo. It’s like Diane says, years ago they only ever did 3 day transfers and lots of them worked xx

Snuggles144 in reply to Tugsgirl

Thank you xx

Hi, whilst I am still to get a positive result from IVF, plenty of people do with 3 day embryos. The only thing I can tell you from my personal experience is that if you wait until blastocyst (5 days), you may have to prepare yourself that not all embryos make it to day 5. Unfortunately our first cycle finished this way and it came as a bit of a shock. With three possible embryos, you could do a day three transfer and then if you have any spare, the remaining embryos might make day 5 and be available to freeze? Only you will know what is right for you, but it is perhaps something to consider. Personally having had a second cycle where we did make a transfer at day 3, all I can tell you is how wonderful the experience of seeing your embryos being transferred is, whatever the outcome. I wish you well in whatever you decide, best of luck x

Thank you lovely. Have to wait today for call anyway. A part of me feels if they won’t survive until day five why do it. The other thing I don’t understand is that they are suggesting day three before fertilisation. They say great quality eggs and great quality sperm so why make that call. Xx

Good luck with the call today. It certainly sounds positive if they are saying you have good quality eggs and sperm. I would put all of your questions to the embryologyst when they call as it is important that you are fully informed so that you can make the right decision for you. All the best with it x


I only had 6 eggs collected, 4 fertilized & I had a 3 day transfer. I'm currently 27 weeks pregnant now. Good luck! X

Snuggles144 in reply to Hidden

Brilliant news congratulations. Can I ask why they did a 3 day transfer?xx

Dianearnold1 whst are your thoughts. Why would they suggest even before fertilisation? Xx

Only benefit of five day transfer over three day transfer is to select best looking embryos. Otherwise they’re better off inside you according to my clinic. Given that average fertilisation is 2/3, I guess they’re assuming that they won’t need to grow them to day five to make a choice, unless you’re adamant you only want a single transfer?

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