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After trying it on our own we have finally decided to try to get outside help.

We've had tests and everything appears normal apart from being old (43 - time really does fly), although the Doc's say my AMH levels are promising at my age.

They are calling it unexplained secondary infertility.

Recently we visited an IVF clinic to see what that is all about but the costs are rather beyond us, it sounds really invasive and a little bit scary. At this point, however, I feel I will do anything...

I was offered Clomid by the NHS fertility expert as the next step before IVF. However, it looks like I do ovulate when the tests were taken but I'm really not sure. I've been charting my basal temperature for the last year or so and my temperatures are all over the place - but despite that and based on all my other monthly fertility signs according to the fertility friend app I am ovulating but as I say I'm not convinced. Maybe I am ovulating but the quality of my "old" eggs just not good enough!

So my question is: has anyone had any success using Clomid even if they appear to be ovulating naturally?

Our thoughts are we could try a few cycles of Clomid and if that doesn't work bite the bullet and try IVF and take out a second mortgage ;-) Naturally we need to do this sooner rather than later.

Good luck to everyone on this journey x

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Morning I’ve just read your post and I was a similar situation to yourself. I had every test even had cervix scratch procedure and nothing found to be wrong. I did 3 rounds of clomid and nothing. I went down the reflexology acupuncture route as I felt if there was no medical problem found this would be more my thing. The day I booked to see a consultant about private IVF I found out I was pregnant. Patience and looking after my health (low alkaline diet) cut out caffeine and sugar is what I attribute as part of my success. It took 3 long years at least but our son is now approaching 1 - don’t give up hope xx

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Thank you for sharing your experience.

I have been doing reflexology and have been considering accupuncture as well. I keep promising myself to book in but I just don't get round to it - I think it is a mental block or something about needles - can't explain why else I would be putting it off! I will absolutely make the call today...

What is a low alkaline diet, please? I've moved across to decaf and herbal teas, have "fertility smoothies" regularly, wheatgrass shots etc. for the past couple of months. I've not consciously cut out sugar because I don't add any to anything - just get it from fruit, honey on my porridge, I guess.

Have you ever done a castor oil pack or myofacial abdominal massage?

I will not give up hope! :-)


Hi SVR28. Well, to be honest it might be worth a try if you know your Fallopian tubes are patent, as it should ensure ovulation takes place. However, I wouldn't use it for more than 3 months and move on to IVF where a cycle can be more controlled. You could still be in with a chance using your own eggs - fingers crossed. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thanks Diane. I'm seeing my doc on Monday so will see what she says. Yes, I thought 3 months was enough of a try with Clomid as I don't want faff around any longer before trying the IVF.

Take care x

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