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Warning ⚠️ Photo attached! Never give up on your dreams 💙


Hope this doesn’t offend anyone, I’m hoping it will give you all hope to never give up on your dreams,

This popped up on my time hop today a which was a year ago exactly today I got my first BFP ever! And then my son now which he is 5 months old now,

Yesterday’s time hop wasn’t as nice as yesterday a year ago I spent the day in bed crying as I was adamant it hadn’t work as I had really bad period pains (see my original posts for that story)

After years of trying and finally giving our dream one more go after years of heartbreak each month it happen so please never ever give up on your dreams as they will come true some just take a little longer to come true,

Wishing everyone all the best whatever stage you are going through, loads and loads of baby dust and luck,

And again sorry if this post has upset anyone,

Take cake and all the best

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Gorgeous boy 💙 he's lovely.

Thanks for sharing, posts like this are what keep people going and give so much hope.

Congratulations lovely.


Thank you 😊

Say it did me but I also understand how it can be upsetting too, xx

😘💝. When you've struggled yourself it's nice to see that you've achieved your dream. 😘💝

Just seen your scan a little boy how lovely how long have you got left to go xx

Bless ya thanks, ideally 11 weeks. Just have to see what happens. My bp keeps playing up and renal problems that their keeping an eye on. 😘💝

My son was 7 weeks early I think he was fed up with me moaning that I was going to miss my first Mother’s Day and birthday so he come 6 days before them, good luck and try and enjoy the remainder xx

Awwww bless him that's sweet. 💙 how long we're you and him in hospital for?

Please look out for Rocco's update he's kats boy and arrived at 26 weeks he's 5 days now and getting stronger each day. Bless him needs all the well wishers they can get


I was in for 2 days and My son Vincent was in special care for 17 days in total,

He had sticky lungs and was on antibiotics and steroids, he was also very jaundice, he weighed 4lb 10lb when born and his now 14lb 4 his caught up really well, I’ll have a look out for him, I don’t come in much but I do pop up every now and again, prem baby’s are super strong and real fighters, I may of wrote on a post the other day of a premature baby but can’t remember who’s one xx

Bless him. That's amazing how well he's done. Must have been such a scary time.

Really nice to see your update hun he's absolutely gorgeous thanks for this.

Enjoy mother Hood lovely 😘💝💙💖

Very scary indeed. But prem baby’s are definitely fighters for sure, I certainly am still can’t believe his here, take care and I look forward to seeing your post of your son in 11 weeks time xx

You take care and enjoy your gorgeous miracle bless him.

Thanks hun 😘💝

Brilliant post. Really positive.

I remember your post now. I told you to check out a similar post I’d done xx

Leesalou in reply to Tugsgirl

Yes we was cycle buddies and yes I remember reading yours I was so convinced it hadn’t worked :(

How are you doing, sorry I don’t tend to come on much I pop on every now and then to see how everyone is going, xx

Tugsgirl in reply to Leesalou

I’m ok. Day 4 of stims for me and beginning to suffer with headaches 😕Thankfully I’m on short protocol xx

Leesalou in reply to Tugsgirl

Wishing you lots and lots of luck and I truly hope it’s your turn this round, hope your headaches ease xx

Thank you so much for sharing. These posts do give us all hope xxx

Leesalou in reply to Camillage

Your welcome 😊 x

Gorgeous little boy, its posts like these that give us the determination xx

Leesalou in reply to TRYING2016

Thank you 😊 x

Awww what a cute picture! Lovely to see your wee one! All the best.xx

Leesalou in reply to Cinderella5

Thank you 😊 xx

Beautiful x

Leesalou in reply to misswinky34

Thanks x

Hee is beautiful! I'm sure lots of ladies will get a boost from seeing this x

Leesalou in reply to Autumnmoon

Thank you 😊 x

Beautiful thank you for sharing xxxx

Beautiful post xx

What a cutie. I love a positive story, they give me hope. Xx

Leesalou in reply to Waterfall2

Thanks, glad I shared it now, I never ever thought it was going to come true but it really does took over 10 years so never give up some miracles take longer that’s all xx

Awe absolutely love this hun. I can't believe how much things have changed in 12months xxx

Leesalou in reply to NMP1026

This be you this time next year love time hop really do, it’s crazy to think 🤔 it’s a hole year ago, must be a rat yours failed as we was cycle buddies, and now yours has worked so it is definitely worth keep following your dream, you must be coming up for 20 weeks soon xxx

NMP1026 in reply to Leesalou

It's so lovely to see! He is gorgeous!!! I was heart broken but so happy for you! It's amazing to think. I'm 22 weeks now. The 20 week scan went well. I'm still in complete disbelief but feel so lucky and blessed xx

Leesalou in reply to NMP1026

O wow it’s going so quick, did you find out what you was having ? I never believe it at all still think it’s a dream some days, I’ve definitely been well and truly blessed xx

wow this is great! a question was the midwifery care good. Did they understand that you had been trying for a while. How many years had you ben trying

Yes everyone was brillInt from midwifes doctors and everyone at the hospital the scbu team loved my story and was amazed at how ivf worked,

We had been trying for over 10 years in total had one failed cycle then 2nd cycle got my little Prince his 6 months old today x

Bdgjdjd in reply to Leesalou

Did you know what caused your infertility for ten years?

Leesalou in reply to Bdgjdjd

I had hydrospinx which is a liquid that damages embryos which wasn’t picked up till my failed cycle in 2011 then they removed a tube that it was in and said to try naturally but then I gave up until 2016 which I had to go through all investigations again where they found it in my remaining tube which was then clipped and I then had a successful cycle, x

Bless you for posting he is so adorable.

Thank for sharing some positivity this journey can be so sad and negative it really helps me to stay positive and keep hoping and dreaming ❤️ xx

Leesalou in reply to kelsbels88

Thank you and your welcome,

Keep positive and I hope your dream comes true very soon xx

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