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Trigger injection


Hi there, I'm a bit confused, been for appointment today and they have said that I am ready for egg collection Friday, I was then called this afternoonand told to take trigger injection at 22.45pm tonight, and go to the unit at 8.30am Friday morning. Does that sound right? I'm hoping I got the time written down correctly! Unit is closed now too! X

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I had my trigger injection on Monday evening ready for egg collection today. So your timing compares to what I had -if that helps to reassure you?

C x

Hope you're egg collection went well! Hope you're not in much discomfort! Did you have to do yours so late in the night? Was it 36 hours exactly later? X


Yes that's normal, egg collection is done about 36 hours after the trigger injection, good luck xxxxxxxx

Yes that is completely normally timings hope all goes well for you on Friday 😊 xx

Ok thanks evreyone, just thought maybe the timing tonight is quite late considering they want me in at 8.30am Friday morning x

Probably by the time you’re in and they’re doing the procedure it’ll be 36hrs. Good luck x


Hi. liana89 has it right. Egg collection is planned for 36 hours after trigger shot. Hope all goe# well. Diane

Sounds right to me too! Good luck for EC xx

Yes - just like Liana89 & Diane said. Hope your trigger shot went ok - in both my last cycles, found it just as nerve-racking as doing the first injection of each cycle.... x

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