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28 week growth scan yesterday


Yesterday I had my 28 week growth scan baby measurement are all bang on 28 weeks apart from babies legs they are measuring in at 29 weeks 6 days have been at the hospital again this morning and had a blood test done and have the oral glucose tolerance test done for gestational test done. For pregnancy diabetes. Women doing the scan yesterday said it’s just routine and seems to think it’s just because my husband is 6ft 3 and I am only 5ft 1 that baby just has long legs and will be tall like my husband. Has anyone else had this before?

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My daughter had this. His legs always measured longer. He is now 2 and half and is in 3-4 clothes. He is massive. His dad is 6ft 3 so it’s to be expected. Please don’t worry xx

Littledee88 in reply to Gillyc1

Thank you for replying will get the results tomorrow so hopefully she’s just taken her long legs from her daddy xx

Well little Dee, it sounds like your wee one takes after your big hubby and not you in the legs department!! Cant help with the advice but lovely to see the little one!xx

Thank you hun how are keeping? Good luck in ur 2ww will be keeping everything crossed for u. Xx

I had a 22wk growth scan yesterday and baby’s tummy was a fair bit ahead! I queried it with the sonographer and she showed me the charts that the computer generates from the measurements. The red dot was sitting within the normal range for each measurement, just not exactly in the same place. I guess we are not all the same when we are born and the differences have to start to show at some point. Lucky long legged baby for you!

Congratulations and good luck with the rest of ur pregnancy, ur right not everyone’s the same I think I just get myself in a bit of a panic worrying. When is ur little miracle is due? Xx

10th dec x


Hi. All looks good to me, just probably going to be tall like daddy. Lovely news. Diane

Thanks Diane will have the results tomorrow but I think she’s going to be a tall baby xx

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