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Old blood loss at 16+4 = major scare! ***SCAN PHOTO ATTACHED***

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We had a scare at 6/7 weeks when DP started having brown discharge, which then turned lighter, then she passed a large fresh blood clot so we were seen at the EPU for a check up. Transvaginal scan showed a bean with a beating heart, & all as it should have been, then after a few days the spotting subsided.

Fast forward to yesterday (16 weeks 4 days) & all of a sudden DP loses quite a bit of old blood. Midwife not concerned because of the colour, but DP wanted reassurance so we had a private 2D scan. So relieved our little one was chilling on its front without a care in the world!!

So grateful for this forum! ☺️ Good luck everyone 🤞🏼🍀 xx

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Glad everything is ok it's scary when you loose blood I lost a small clot at 18 weeks and they weren't concerned and I was ok as it didn't continue and could already feel little man so that reassured me.

Loving the pic really clear.


Thank you. It’s very scary, but all is well thankfully! 😊 xx

Glad you are all okay xx

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DisneyJL in reply to CC2018

Thank you xx

Glad everything is ok. What an amazing photo! Xx

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Thank you xx

What an amazing scan just can't stop using that word but it all truly is Amazing! Happy all is well x

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DisneyJL in reply to Autumnmoon

Thank you! xx

Glad all is well bleeding comes and goes but really very scary stay strong and believe you will get there fully

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DisneyJL in reply to Babysitt

Thank you! Same to you hun, wishing you all the best🍀 xx

What a stunning photo. I’m so glad everything was ok x

Thank you xx

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