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Dear All,

I got my BFP a couple of days ago, even though OTD isn't until Sunday - I couldn't wait! I had a 6day blastocyst completely natural FET on 29 December. Anyway, last night when I went to the loo just before going to bed there was blood in my urine and when I wiped it was light pink (apologies for TMI). As I had a chemical pregnancy with our fresh IVF cycle, I thought for sure that this was the end of the road as this was how that started, so I used a pad and fully expected to awake from a pretty patchy night's sleep with it full. However, when I did awake this morning, the pad was clean and there was just a small amount of light pink blood when I wiped, which has got less throughout the morning. I've taken the day off work and am planning to just rest.

I know that every website out there says that this is not necessarily anything to worry about and that it's probably implantation bleeding, but I am so scared just because of what happened last time. We had allowed ourselves to get excited only yesterday and then this happened. I've had such strong symptoms but today I don't feel any, except that nagging AF feeling. I am petrified that this will become another chemical pregnancy. I know from experience that my clinic won't do anything except tell me to wait for OTD, but do you think my doctor or local MIU (which, perchance, is located in a community hospital that is where I had all my initial scans etc. done, so I know they've got all the equipment) would do anything if I were to go there? 'Officially' I am now 4w2d pregnant.

If anyone has had a similar experience, I would be so happy to hear from you - I am literally going crazy with worry here (can you tell?!!)

Thank you and good luck to all of you. Xx

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  • Again, sorry for TMI, but the blood has stopped and I now have a brown, stringy discharge. Any help, pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaase?!!!

  • Try your local EPU and see if they will do a blood test and repeat it again in a few weeks, They may not do this before OTD though. Thinking of you xxx

  • Thanks Button. Going to wait until DH gets home from work this afternoon and then go if it's still happening. Xx

  • Try and relax and know its hard and you just want to scream, really hoping everything is ok for you xxx

  • I bled bright red from 5 weeks until 13! It could well be implantation bleeding! I used first response tests and I tested every 2-3 days to see if my lines were getting darker or not getting lighter! If it's a chemical lines will remain light or not get darker over a week. The fact it has gone brown is a good sign :) it's so tough this bit HUN but congrats on your BFP, I pray your little one is just getting snug xx

  • Thank you Bumpwanted! The bleeding has pretty much stopped now and test lines are much stronger than a few days ago when I first tested, so I am pretty much convinced it is implantation bleeding. Congratulations to you too - wishing you a lovely, healthy pregnancy! Xxx

  • That's great Hun congrats! Enjoy :) xx

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