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Reassurance needed. 5dp5dt and no symptoms! ☹️

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Hi Lovely people,

So as the title suggests I’m getting quite anxious as I’m 5dp5dt and still not having any real symptoms to speak of. I’ve had quite a lot of twinging the last couple of days. But no sign of any sore boobs or implantation spotting ☹️. Has anybody been in the same boat and got their BFP? I’ve tried to be really positive this time around (2nd cycle) but the more days pass the more I’m finding it difficult as I didn’t really have any symptoms last time and that ended with a bfn. 😐

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Please don’t worry it’s far too early for any of that. I only felt slightly sore boobs off and on a couple of days pre testing and some women don’t feel a think. I’ve had 4 bfp’s and never had any implantation bleeding ever and symptoms for me kicked in at 7-8 weeks. Good luck x

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This has really made me feel better. Thanks so much for taking time to reply to me. Xx

Hello,I am 10th day past my 5day transfer,and I don't have any twigs,no sore doctor told my not to worry.try to be relax.and keep taking the best wishes for you.❤️❤️❤️

I started having symptoms on 6dp5dt actually. And this made me aslo test this early. I took a home cheapie and surprisingly saw the faint second line! I know I was doing risks when testing this early and could possibly get disheartened if it was bfn..Still this story differs to all of us. Some ladies write they don't feel a single symptom unless a couple of weeks. Others start having them right after the ET. I'm sure these are your 2ww nerves showing off. Try to stay well and sane, waiting is always hard. Fingers & toes crossed for you xx

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