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Anyone finding themselves irritable?


Hello ladies.

I’m on my second Attempt, first FET. I’ve just finished the cetrotide injections yesterday but taking estradiol three times a day ( cycle day 9)

I am so frigging irritable!! Is it the drugs? I wasn’t this bad with my fresh cycle. Spent the weekend surrounded by pregnant friends which didn’t help but generally I’m feeling quite negative. It’s frustrating as I was feeling positive going into this cycle.

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Yeah i think you can blame the drugs. I just had the one injection of prostap and i was horrendous. Hubby considered moving out lol. Mine settled once i started on the progynova. Took a few days though. Xx


Hi Nona84. Yes, it's just probably the medication messing about with your glands in your brain. Not nice, but hopefully you will start to feel more like "you" soon. Good luck with it all. Diane


I was impossible! 🤣 I was even irritated with myself! Xxx

I found this with my oestrogen tablets, progynova. I was better once I added in the progesterone pessaries. And my fet worked, so it was worth it!

I was much better on my fresh cycle than my FET drugs. The FET drugs literally made me looney.

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