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IUI waiting times?

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First time messaging on here but at a loss really. We started this journey back in January 2017 and I knew we would have problems. Roll forward we have now done 5 cycles of clomid which all have worked in the fact I’ve ovulated but still not pregnant. Husbands sperm is fine so the problem lies with me. I have my appointment in September to move forward now onto IUI. I have been advised I will be offered 3 rounds of IUI and 1 round of IVF. We are in Somerset so any clues of waiting times would be ideal. I want to change my job but can’t because I’m unsure of when we will start the new treatment.

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We had our first apt on June 25th to discuss our options which are the same as you. I had an ultrasound the same day, I had a hsg booked for the 11th july and the go ahead to start the next cycle, however it was only two weeks later and so I've had to wait until my second cycle which is due in two weeks (if we havnt got pregnant!). We've opted for iui first with gondatrophins before we try ivf. I felt I didn't want to look back and regret not trying when we just have the one shot at ivf (should we get that far). Were based in nottingham so i guess it just depends on your hospital/clinic.

If you want to chat feel free to msg me. I know how draining this can be and worrying! I still half expect them to say nope we can't help you! Doesn't help with the cancellation letters we recived in error. Absolute nightmare! X

Also the hospital in with offer early appointments so hopefully it won't affect work too much. Luckily I get flexible working but even so, some places have to give you time off for hospital apts even if it's unpaid. X

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