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The ups and downs


So after writing this week about how I’m feeling a lot more positive since my miscarriage, I’ve come crashing down again. Yesterday at work, all the other ladies were chatting with a pregnant colleague about prams, and wheather she could feel kicks yet etc. I had to walk away. It just broke me a little bit. And no one seems to get how hard it is. And today, I’m at work again, 10 minute before my shift ends, I feel wetness. I run to the loo, and it’s my period. And it’s the 3rd since my mc, and it’s still really brown in colour, it looks like dioreah. I’ve been to acupuncture this month to try and help, but it’s not worked, it’s still pop brown colour. And it came on cycle day 25. My periods before my mc were regular at 28 days. Period 1 arrived 4 weeks after mc. Cycle 2 was 30 days, now cycle 3 was 25 days. Does that mean I have irregular periods now??? I’m so worried. I just want my periods red and regular again. Please help someone. I’ve got an ultrasound booked for the end of July, but I’m going out of my mind. I’m scared I’m going into early menopause. Please help?

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I'm sorry I have no experience of this but I didn't want to read and run. I think throughout this process both drugs and hormones can play havoc with our cycles. If you had off or a natural pregnancy I believe it can take a few months for the body to reboot itself back it's normal settings. At the moment your hormones and emotions are all over the place and you have suffered a loss. I think you need to take time to grieve and take care of yourself for a bit even if that means being a bit selfish or taking some time off work or planning a holiday to look forward to. I've found having unexplained infertility very difficult and we booked a couples only holiday to give us a break- i' m a teacher too so deal with kids every day- give yourself time to heal- eat whatever you like and do what ever you want. Hugs- hope you get your miracle soon xx

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