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Update on IVF & ICSI mix up


Firstly, thank you to everyone that has shown their support. Indeed, an error has been made & ICSI should have been done on Monday and not IVF. I will write a letter and provide the necessary evidence. Will let you know the outcome once I know but I will be pushing for a 2nd cycle on the NHS.

The egg and sperm were ‘fabulous’ according to my consultant. My egg however had a thick zona and few sperm attached to it and this is why there was no fertilisation.

Fingers crossed for me! Xx

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Well done for pursuing this. They don't have a leg to stand on it seems so I would be surprised if you didn't get a free second cycle. It's not ideal that they made the mistake in the first place but hopefully they'll rectify it and you get the result you want. Wishing you lots of luck xx

jengi in reply to Hidden

Thanks Jojo, I don’t want to get my hopes up but will keep fingers crossed!

Oh gosh how awful.

Mistakes can happen of course but I’ve learnt to be very wary of blindly trusting them now- always worth double checking everything !

Good luck with getting a 2nd cycle - hopefully they’ll have decency to offer it straight away x

jengi in reply to Saya85

Of course mistakes happen and when they do it is important to be honest @ transparent. Xx


Hi jengi. So sorry to hear what happened. Yes, you definitely need to follow this up and hopefully you will get another cycle on the NHS. If they have admitted the error, then all should be OK. Thinking of you and hope for a quick resolution. Diane

jengi in reply to DianeArnold

Thank Diane. There hasn’t been a complete admittance of responsibiity. The embryologist declares it is a difference in interpretation! But we agreed with the consultant that ICSI was the way we wanted to proceed which is documented in the consultant notes in our final consultation prior to egg collection. It’ll really depend on how the goverence/commissioner views it. Fingers crossed! Xx

DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to jengi

Indeed. Mine will be too! Diane xx

Hi jengi glad you looked into this. Obviously icsi would have been ideal for the thick zona and such a shame you will never know the outcome of the "What if". Probably a bit of a knock also to find out from your consultant that both the egg and sperm were fabulous and probably makes it feel worse. But keep hope and I will have everything crossed for you. Good luck xx

jengi in reply to AnnieAnnie

Thanks Annie! Xx

I have been so calm, I’ve even surprised myself! Best of luck with your next cycle Xx

It’s absolutely brilliant news xx

jengi in reply to Gillyc1

Thanks for your support! It’s a step forward Xx

How upsetting when there is so much stress already I absolutely hope that you will have another round and will have success x

jengi in reply to Autumnmoon

Fingers crossed 🤞

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