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Pink spotting only a little


Hello all I had my embryo transfer, today makes day 10. I’m having some pinkish discharge at first it was brownish on day 7-8. I’m having back pain, like my period is about to come on. Now my spotting is light pink, is this a bad sign, I’m doing everything to not worry, but it’s also hard to do when I want a child so bad. If someone can help me please.

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Hi 👋 there’s really no way to tell, it could be implantation spotting. It’s also very common to experience pmt cramping as I did on both my bfps. Good luck for otd xx

Thanks 🙏🏽 I’m just nervous and scared

Hi, I had a small amount of pinkish spotting on day 7 and on day 9 following transfer. Today is OTD and I have a BFP. I haven’t had anything since day 9 so maybe it was late implantation spotting or maybe it was the pessaries irritating my cervix, but please try not to worry as it can be normal. Good luck!

Hi, I had small amounts of bright red bleeding and terrible craps between day 9-11 after embryo transfer. I was so terrified that my 2nd cycle had failed but on official test day it was positive to my surprise. I am now nearly 34 weeks pregnant I was told by the clinic it was probably implantation bleeding. All I can say is everyone is different and have different experiences while going through ivf. When I was bleeding most posts I read said red blood was really bad especially with cramping so I cried and cried for days thinking it was all over. My only advice would be to try to stay positive and not read too much as it will drive you mad. Good luck xx

Thanks everyone, I go today for my blood test. I took a pregnancy test yesterday, because I was worried it was positive, took another one this morning negative I’m scared out of my mind, been crying all morning. I want say I’ve lost my faith but I am scared. I’ll let everyone know, around 11am.

Took my first gold this this morning, thanks everyone it was positive. I’m so happy 😁. Go back Monday for my 2nd blood test, fingers still crossed 🤞

Sorry first blood test typo.

Brilliant news xx

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