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Day 8 stim scan - low number of follicles


I've been on Buserelin and on Day 8 of Gonal F 450 dose (due to AMH3.0)

Feeling disappointed ....

Lining showing 5.1mm and is responding

One large follicle at 20mm which will be over stimulated but EC date next Wednesday

Two very small x 9.75mm

Guidance was they should be 12-13mm by now

Progress scan on Monday , options will be to stop treatment, delay until another period or carry on if follicles grow to 17-18mm by then... only four shots of Gonal F to go.!!!

Starting to use hot water bottle - would welcome any advice to make these little blighters hang on in there and respond.

Forever hopeful

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Hi, I just wanted to give you some hope. I was a poor responder,it took 7 scans and19 days of stimming to get me to egg collection, but I did get there. I got 4 eggs,all fertilised through icsi and have a 5 day blast now back in with 1 6 day blast frozen. Don't give up hope yet,I used water bottle and also had my dose of bemfola increased. They also added another hormone on,can't remember proper name of med sorry but think it was LH hormone, that was after a blood test so I think it was part of my problem. It was hard to keep going,but worth it. All the best with your next scan x

Thank you @jm22 - we went ahead with EC yesterday and they had 3 ... one large and one smaller but all about the quality. Waiting for Embryologist call today and keeping everything crossed

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