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Potential OHSS

Just had my last scan before EC and my levels are very high. They have said there is a good chance they won’t do an ET this cycle and just freeze them all.

I’m devastated, my body and mind are ready and waiting for it. I just feel drained now.

I know they have to do what is best but all of this waiting and now more potential waiting has made me quite tearful.

What are the success rates with a fresh transfer versus a frozen?

Sorry this is all moany, I thought I was doing pretty well until today.


My friends has just phoned, she is on her way over to see me with her brand new beautiful baby girl. I love them but It does make going through this harder.

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It’s natural to feel disappointed and frustrated. Don’t be hard on yourself. There is a lot of research going on into frozen transfers and actually whether more transfers should be done this way. There is a study going on called e-freeze.

In your case, it is definitely going to give you a better success rate because your body may not be receptive to transfer. It’s not if, it is when you get your BFP. I had a failed fresh transfer earlier this year- when they did my egg collection they said that I might be borderline for a fresh transfer but they went ahead and I got a BFN. A few months later, I had a frozen transfer and am now just under 8weeks pregnant. I know it is easy for us to say but you will get through this. Big hugs. Lean on your friend. Xx


Thank you, I’m trying to be more positive now Iv had time to think about it. I know the clinic will do what is best when it comes to the transfer.

My husband has been great this morning, I havnt been emotional at all so I think I took him by surprise when I cried after seeing the nurse.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and thank you for your reply.


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Hi Rfletcher. So sorry to hear this and I can fully understand your distress. Just remember that you are just as important as your embryos once created, and if you have to wait for transfer, your little embies will be quite safe until returned to where they belong. I have scores of ladies who have had similar experiences and after they have recovered from OHSS, have gone on to become mothers just like your friend who is over to visit you. Make sure you drink plenty of water for now. I shall be thinking of you. Diane


Thank you.

I have just heard from the hospital and my levels have increased like they thought. they have got me taking cabergoline and they only want me to do one of my trigger shots on Saturday.

Is there anything I can do to help things?

We are so limited with how many goes we will have because my husband is now infertile after chemo and a bone marrow transplant. I’m worried about wasting our precious 4 viles. I know that embryos don’t always defrost well.

Should we just knock this cycle on the head?



Hi. Your clinic is obviously expecting a good egg retrieval, and will give you their best advice. Just make sure you drink plenty of water and have a rest after egg collection. If you decide to abandon this cycle, then you need to ask what they will do differently next time. Hope all is soon sorted for you. Diane


Thank you so much for you help and advice. Xx


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