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Levothyroxine advise please

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It’s all been a bit un clear about what I should be doing with my levothyroxine since I was discharged from the Fertility Centre I received my IVF treatment from.

I was only made aware that I needed my thyroid function to be a certain level to undergo the treatment when I had my bloods done initially before my first cycle back in June 2017. They were at a controlled level when I had them checked after a few weeks or so of Levothyroxine.

Should I perhaps speak to my GP?

Should I stop and then request a blood test to check my levels?!

Any advise would be really helpful - thanks ladies 😘

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I have an under active thyroid and I would definitely recommend you go and get your levels checked. It’s not clear from your post whether you have an under active thyroid but I was told I have to increase my dose as baby requires you to provide their thyroxine for the first 12 weeks. Don’t worry if you haven’t been straight away you normally need at least 4 weeks between tests to see if there has been a change. Congratulations!! Xx

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Princes14 in reply to Jhenderson

Thank you for your reply.

My thyroid function was low when I was tested back in June. But once I’d been on it a while my levels were stable. I’ve not been tested since.

Should I ask my gp for a repeat blood test?

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Jhenderson in reply to Princes14

Yes I’d go see the doctor and ask him/her to repeat your bloods. Just to make sure. Have you had your first mid wife appointment yet? She should advise you to get it checked x

I also want to add that you shouldn’t stop taking your meds until you have spoken to your doctor having slightly more t4 and t3 floating round won’t do baby any harm. Xx

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Princes14 in reply to Jhenderson

Thank you for all your advise, I’ll stay put on it and get my levels checked as soon as.

Definitely do not stop your medication. See your GP and they can arrange a blood test to check where your levels are currently and if any adjustments are made. During your pregnancy you should have shared care with an endocrinologist as well as the midwife as your thyroid demand will change. Good luck! X

Don’t stop it without seeing your GP. You levels take 4 weeks to show any changes . Best of luck to you 🤞

I would see your Gp, yes

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