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Has low morphology stopped our IVF process?


Called the hospital for an update on my partner and my tests so far and they said my results were fine but my partners sample results showed low morphology. The receptionist couldn't confirm what that means for us until we see the specialist at the end of April. Has anyone come across this in their journey to IVF and if so, did it change the process?

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I am guessing that you’ve not started ivf treatment yet? I think that in theory low morphology would mean that you and your partner would need icsi as opposed to ivf xx

Juliebean01 in reply to Tugsgirl

No we are at the referal stage just now. I'v never heard of icsi. What does that mean? Xx

Tugsgirl in reply to Juliebean01

It’s essentially ivf but with a difference, that being that the very best sperm would be selected and injected into the egg xx

Juliebean01 in reply to Tugsgirl

Gosh I didn't know they could pick the best ones!! Xx

Hi Julie,

I agree with Vicky it would probably mean ICSI, my partner had a very low count as well as poor motility and morphology and we went down the ICSI route.

Very much like IVF except they inject the egg with the selected sperm.

Good luck xxx

Juliebean01 in reply to Amanda86

Ok thank you. Does it hurt? Xxx

They inject the egg outside your body, but they do use a needle to collect your eggs from your follicles, usually under sedation so you don’t feel anything but it can be uncomfortable afterwards.

I went through my menopausal when I was 12 so no eggs I'm afraid. Will need to be a doner.

Then no it shouldn’t hurt and hubbie doesn’t need to go near a needle, it will be injected into eggs after he’s collected his sperm x

Brilliant. Thank you for all your help :) x

Amanda86 in reply to Juliebean01

It’s all done outside of the body so won’t be painful for you xxx

Don’t worry, my partner has low count, motility and morphology. Hat trick! We managed to get two embryos :D

MHughes in reply to MHughes

I should add - with ICSI :)

Juliebean01 in reply to MHughes

Thank you :) I'll look into that option so I'm ready when I speak to the hospital :)

I agree that it will probably mean icsi rather than ivf but shouldn’t change your timelines. Get him on some antioxidant vitamins such as condensyl (online) sharpish!

Ok thanks for the tip!! I'll look into that :)

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