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21 day blood results - Clomid

Hi everyone,

I have a question about the results of my day 21 blood test, this is my first cycle on clomid and I never seem to remember the questions I want to ask when I speak to the nurse. My progesterone level has come back at 61.6 which I believe is quite good? My question is, we have been BD every other day (on doctors orders!), when can we cut down on this without reducing our chances? The nurse told me today we had to keep it up until the end of this cycle but it's hard work! I feel like it sounds crazy but after 4 years it really takes it's toll, I'm sure some of you will understand.

Any advice is welcome!

Tia x

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When I was on clomid to maximise chances of conception we’d try every other day from last clomid pill ie in my case day 6 to 12 days afterwards in my case day 18. You can expect to ovulate between 6-12 days after last clomid pill. Medics will also say every day throughout the cycle but reality is that isn’t very practical and I think that causes too much read which is counterproductive . Good luck xoxo


Hi LozR. Healthy sperm lives for at least 4 days once in the Fallopian tubes, so every 3 days should be fine if you’re exhausted. Enjoy! Diane


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