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Are multi-cycle plans worth it?


I have decided to get back on the IVF journey (alone this time) I started having a look around at different clinics but am not sure whether to go to a clinic that offers multi-cycle packages or just go to one that does single rounds. I have had two fresh rounds and one frozen which were all unsuccessful, so I am hoping I wont have to go through too many more (I don't think I could take it emotionally or financially) and I am 41 now so time is against me.

I suppose what I am really asking is, would you go to a clinic that offers these packages or would you go to a clinic you felt happier with (closer to home) and just go round by round even though its going to skint me?

Thanks for any advice, I appreciate it as feels even more of a lonely journey now I don't have a partner to go through it with. xx

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Hi I am on a multi package - tbh it worked out expensive costing me about 14K. I have had two failed cycles now getting my endo treated. It does give you hope as you do feel like it is one more cycle, etc.

If it is financially better for you with multi packages then I suggest you go down that route.

At the end of the day Hun it’s entirely up to you. It’s your finance, your body. There is no right or wrong. Will be here for you no matter what - as will be all the other ladies on here. It’s a brave decision to go it alone. And one I always thought if I wasn’t with a partner at this stage I would do too. It’s a brave decision and it’s yours. It’s beautiful and I wish you utmost success. Lots of baby dust beautiful xx

Thank you for your kind words, I completely agree it does feel like it gives you more hope and doesn't put as much pressure on the first round (obviously hoping that one would work).

Wishing you lots of luck with your treatment and hopefully you get going to a successful round soon xx


I am 45, so don't worry about age. My husband and I got kicked in the teeth and int the gutter by the NHS so we had to go private. We looked around various private clinics and found one in London that didn't discriminate about age or weight. We were given all of the options including single and private options. We were also given a leaflet from ACCESS to Fertility who work with various private clinics to iffer package deals. it may well be worth looking all I am saying. We awill be doing round 3 of 3 egg collections and then moving onto a FET all within one package.

Hi Yammie, thanks for sharing your story, I did read a few of your posts a while back so remember you ;-). I am actually looking at them as a possible option. So do you have to do all egg collections before any transfers? Is that the way a multi cycle package works? xx

I did not qualify for a package because of my history. However; my clinic does not offer them but I was able to get a buy one get one on IVF transfers 2 and 3 if the 1st cycle did not work. Well, 1st cycle did not work. Just had my 2nd yesterday, but nice to know if this does not work (although I only have 2 embryos left) the next one will be free. So if you find a place that is close to home that you feel comfortable with maybe see if they offer anything like that. Best of luck to you

Oh wow that's interesting, thanks for the advice and wishing you lots of luck with this dreaded TWW xx

I'm sorry you're in this alone. It is definitely more difficult this way. There is are more than one answers to your question. The preference depends on you. What do you think is better? Having one round is less expensive. But IVF does not always succeed in the first round. As for multiple rounds, it is more expensive. But you won't have to go through the appointment-taking all over again. It will be an ongoing process until you conceive. Tell you what, I had surrogacy. I had a friend at the clinic who was there to have IVF. She said she preferred multiple round packages. That's because it saves up in case you need to try again. It's up to you now.

Thanks for your advice, I think I’m swaying towards a multi cycle but just got to make sure I’ve got the money ready! But what’s money if it works (different story if it doesn’t) but then I think I know it’s time to give up as that would be 4 fresh rounds. Thanks again xx

We went for the Access Refund Programme on our 2nd cycle. We have been told that we should be heading for donor eggs but we need to complete this cycle in order to get money back in order to pay for the donor egg treatment. At first when my OH suggested purchasing the 3 cycle refund programme I said no because I felt he was being very negative. Fast forward 2 cycles and I'm glad we did go for it. It's a lot of money to shell out especially if it works first time but, now, we are so glad we did it. x

Unfortunately I’m too old to go for the refund package but think it’s sensible to go for the multi cycles especially after reading everyone’s comments!

Hopefully this cycle will be the one that works for you and no need for DE but either way sending you lots of luck, looking forward to reading your updates xx

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