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Hi all, had my transfer of a 5 day embie last Saturday. Pessaries making my stomach a little upset and loose (sorry tmi!). Had cramps on and off and a bit of wind (so glamorous! 😂) today I’m 8dp5dt and had quite intense cramps last night and this morning and getting a little worried that it’s not good news for me 😕. Trying to stay positive and not give into my want to test early. Anyone else had this feeling and still had a successful result? I’ve had no bleeding so worried implantation hasn’t happened 😢.

Trying not to wind myself up and get upset. Thanks in advance xxx

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Hey I’m not at this stage yet but am on the pessaries and have had the looseness and I’m still achy / crampy I had ec Wednesday so it just might be part of all of that x

Thanks I really hope so, good luck! How did your egg collection go? X

Good luck to you too you will be ok x ec went well have my transfer Monday am starting to feel a little nervous x

You will be fine, it’s so much easier than the collection. Good luck! Baby dust to you x

Try not worry the pessaries do a number on your stomach. Try to drink lots of water and eat fresh fruits and veggies. And also I never had implantation bleeding got a bfp. Try to keep yourself busy and best of luck on your otd xx

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Em2405 in reply to Smang

Thank you so much! Makes me feel a bit better knowing others have felt the same and you had a BFP. X

We are at the same stage. I had intense cramps at 6:30am today which lasted on and off for an hour. Either it’s the pessaries or some good news, hopefully. I’m taking one day at a time. I can feel some tightness below the belly button and had some sharp poking sensations yesterday evening.

All the best to us all. XXX

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Em2405 in reply to pachelbel

Good luck to you! Hope we get some good news soon! Thanks for replying xx

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pachelbel in reply to Em2405

Just got to try to stay positive. The day after embryo transfer, I woke up to a cold which has just about cleared up today! Our bodies are amazing and we have to look after ourselves and eat and drink well. We will all probably experience different symptoms, but we all will wish to get a good result from all the hard work and energy we have put in! XXX

Some say the cramps could be the uterus stretching or something. Bless our bodies for what we put it through!

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