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Menopur Injections - with TMI


I've recently stopped taking Clomid tablets after 6 cycles. I did ovulate each month and my husbands sperm is perfectly normal, I had my tubes checked and flushed and all was fine but sadly we're still not getting pregnant. I'm now about to start my first round of Menopur Injections along with timed intercourse and I wanted to know what the success rate is, am I more likely to conceive now...Has anyone fallen pregnant this way?..in need of an uplifting success story :-)

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Hello, I just wanted to say that im in the same position as you. I've PCOS but ovulated each month on clomid, husband's sperm within normal range etc. Was on clomid for 6 months and now on second cycle of menopur. One more cycle and then consultant recommends us ivf. I found getting my period last cycle really tough as I ovulated and timed intercourse. But have to stay positive for each cycle etc. Despite wanting an element of control, I've come to realise so much is about luck as well as nutrition and meds, dtd etc. Good luck, you're not alone. Xx

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Nice to know I’m not alone. I agree, I am really going to try and focus on staying healthy, focus on my nutrition etc and try not to stress. I wish you all the luck with your next cycle. I believe we will all get our happy ending soon. Xx


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