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Exercise post 2ww, pre viability scan?


As the post suggests, I’ve been ‘taking it easy’ from my usual routine - perhaps more so as this is our second attempt and didn’t even want to lift my handbag never mind a dumbbell...

but if like me, you find exercise is a great stress buster and mood lifter you’ll understand my mood has been a bit lower than usual because I can’t throw my kettle bell over my head or throw my weight around at Zumba! I love exercise to music, it’s so cathartic.

I’ve probably put on weight too, cuz I comfort eat. I’m so so ashamed of that. But I need to be honest; if I’m not working out I get in my head that I shouldn’t even bother, I’ve got a bit of a history of food issues. But I don’t want them to influence how I process this whole ivf rollercoaster...

So! In a nutshell has anyone got any advise about when to get back to some sort of routine? I know the restrictions on terms of not making yourself too out of breath and getting your heart rate above 160. And to be fair; I’ve been keeping up the walking throughout my 2ww, decent pace and to music. But I’m keen to do more, and plus I want a healthy physical and mental pregnancy.

Sorry for the ramble... I just needed to get that off my chest. X

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Hi Princes14! It feels like I'm reading my own words! I'm not at my 2ww yet, just going through final scans before EC and I've already started to take it easy with exercise. I too feel very low when I'm not exercising and comfort eat thinking 'why bother'.

I'll be interested to see what advice others give so will be following the post. I'm sorry I can't give any advice but I wish you all the best with your journey and hope you're able to find the right balance between staying active but being safe :)

Big hugs xx

Princes14 in reply to KJLee

That’s so refreshing to read, I reckon I need to stay talking about it - preferably with lovely ladies like you who understand the anxieties around attitudes towards food and exercise.

Thank you for your reply, sometimes advise isn’t always what we need it’s just having someone in the same boat.

Good luck with upcoming egg collection. 🤞🏼🍀

KJLee in reply to Princes14

Oh definitely. I'm always here if you need to chat about it and I'm sure I'll message you in the near future... going out of my mind... wanting to jump on my road bike or get in some weighted squats! ha. I'm planning on chatting to the gym instructor at some of my classes to explain my situation and seek some advice on what I should and shouldn't do - sit ups?! yay / nay? lol.

Thank you - having another 'final' scan tomorrow to check growth of follicles... apparently there is a good number of them, they're just not mature enough yet. Fingers crossed for some growth!

Wishing you all the best on your journey xx


This is a common process for me too. I don’t think there is a single answer. I think it starts with being compassionate with yourself. Don’t be ashamed- the guilt just makes the eating worse :)

During my 2ww I did some yoga - unfortunately I didn’t get a BFP but I think if I did I would start with a bit of gentle exercise first but I think even then I would wait after my first viability scan but that’s a personal choice because I am a worrier.

I am an emotional eater too. I am trying to eat more intuitively and mindfully. By recognising my emotions are linked to emotions (without judging myself) i’m able to pause (sometimes) and ask myself what is it that I really want. If I really do want the chocolate then I have it without guilt but often it is something else. I try to find other rewards for myself. It doesn’t always work but it’s a process.

I really liked the book “Radical Acceptance” by Tara Brach - it made me catch myself when I was being hard on myself. There is a lot of body positive stuff on instagram and social media too.

Your body is amazing already (in terms of function)- and focussing on that sometimes helps still the mind and panic.

Hope this doesn’t come across as patronising. Just sharing my feelings. Xx

Princes14 in reply to Hidden

Hi Zoe_waning and thank you for your reply. Apologies as I’ve only just discovered it.

I really appreciate all you said; I’m certainly going to try my hardest to ‘listen’ to what I want, instead of mindlessness taking over and loosing control. Which translates to if I let myself have a treat - the games up and I’ve ruined my healthy eating so I may as well give up... you see how I spiral?!

I owe it to myself to try, I think I lack self esteem and belief in myself. Not just in eating/weight loss habits but it translates sometimes into other aspects of my life too.

Thank you for the book recommendation too 👍🏻 I’ve re joined weight watchers also, as in years gone by its kept me on the straight and narrow.

I certainly didn’t find your words patronising, I really find it helpful to talk these things through. My husband loves me to pieces but doesn’t understand my complex relationship with food 🙈

Many apologies for the LONG reply! You probably wish you’d never replied to me, lol! Xxx

Hi Princes14, I’m the same as you I’m at the gym normally 5 days a week. I will share my experiences: in my first 2ww I reduced my work outs, but still did try to work out, even added in yoga, I just took out the weights, running and jumping and got a bfn. My second 2ww I cut the gym out and I did nothing because I was petrified it was a bfn. Third 2ww no gym but I did walk at least 40 mins a day at a normal pace and got a Bfp. So I would suggest just keep it to a walk where you don’t elevate your heart rate too much. I think you need some movement to get your blood flowing but not too much.

I spoke to my GP yesterday and he suggested now that 2ww is over to still continue with the walks and no gym for awhile longer. However if I do go I shouldn’t get my heart rate higher than 90. So I think I’m going to wait another month before I get back to the gym.

Best of luck with your pregnancy xx

Princes14 in reply to Smang

Thank you for sharing your experiences Smang.

I’ve avoided anything high impact with weights both times, just kept to fast paced walking. Although I did spin the other day and didn’t peddle too ferociously!

It’s in the back of my mind all the time about ‘what’s too much?’ So I’m just listening to my body, I may make a doctors appointment like you did also just to talk things through.

Thanks again ❤️

Smang in reply to Princes14

Good idea, I think you’re right all of our bodies are so different and we need to listen to our bodies. Best of luck wishing you a healthy pregnancy xx

I’m not doing anything really and you’re right that it’s not great for your mental health. You’ve inspired me to try to get walking at least (if it ever stops raining)

How are you getting on Princes14 ?

I'm now in my 2ww not doing anything other than walking and had a bit of a down moment last night...

Hope you're doing well x

Princes14 in reply to KJLee

Hey KJLee ☺️ going good thanks! We had a strong image on our viability scan, 8 weeks and a day - going strong ❤️

Sorry you had a ‘down moment’ I think it’s perfectly normal to have some of those, all the uncertainty is nerve wracking.

I hope you get your BFP 🤞🏼🍀❤️ Feel free to keep messaging me if you need any support xxx

KJLee in reply to Princes14

Oh that’s fantastic!! ☺️ Thrilled to bits for you.

Thank you. Went for a long walk today and stayed away from the biscuits so definitely feeling a bit better!

Just one week to go 🤞🏻 xx

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