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Feeling ill after IUI

I had my 3rd IUI today. Each time the nurse has had trouble with my cervix and today was no different and a bit worse than the other times. The procedure itself was fine other than the cervix issue and I was ok until about 4 hours after it but I then had really bad cramping which came on all of a sudden and stopped just as quickly about half an hour later. Since then I feel like I have a temperature and my body is aching. Sort of flu like flu symptoms. Has anyone else felt like this? Do you know if I can take paracetamol? Or anything else? Thanks. xx

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Hi 👋

Nice to hear you are back getting your treatment !

Hope you feel better soon & I’m sure paracetamol is fine to take

Take care



Thanks. How are things with you? x


Hi I'm also on my 2ww with 3rd iui my clinic told me it was fine to take paracetamol if I had cramping. Hope you feel better soon x


Thank you. I had my follow up scan this morning and nurse said everything looked fine. She said my temperature is unrelated and just a coincidence. I've taken today off work because my stomach feels really heavy as if it's full of air and I'm finding it hard to straighten up. Not fun!

Good luck to you!! x


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