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Stimming and sleeping in painted room


Hi guys just after some advice as can’t find it anywhere , I’m stimming at the moe on suprecur and currently on my ‘ivf’ period waiting to hear from the clinic when to start menopur but as it’s bank holiday won’t hear from them till Tuesday, we’ve painted our bedroom and I just wondered if it was safe to sleep in there or if the fumes might affect my eggs and medication,just don’t know what the affects might be. Do you think I’ll be alright? Bit of a random one. Thanks

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Hi Veekay80 did you check the contents of the tin for any harmful labels? I think most paints are water or oil based, so don't contain lead or anything harmful anymore. However I painted our bathroom during stimming and it absolutely stank!! I opened all the windows in there for about 3 days and avoided it as much as I could. If it smells really strong I'd probably try avoiding it just for one night just for peace of mind, do you have somewhere else to sleep? xx

Veekay80 in reply to Lilli79

Yes I have the spare room will stay in there till the smell goes x thank you x

I think you’ll probably be ok, if you’re on suprecur only then you are down regulating rather than stimming and your ovaries should be nice and quiet. I’m assuming you’ve just done emulsion, not gloss. Though it is cold outside maybe just open a window x

Yes sorry down Reggio, Judy used a dulex Matt paint, have ventilated the room, thanks x

I found this on the dulux website regarding if the paint is safe if you are pregnant.

“Answer: You should expect no problems for the health of the pregnant woman or the unborn child from using Dulux products, provided they are used in the correct manner i.e. according to the instructions on the can.

If it is the first three months of pregnancy, using solvent-based (white spirit-based) products could lead to nausea from the smell. Water-based alternative products should be used if possible. If the use of solvent-based products cannot be avoided, maximum ventilation should be used.”

Presume you used water based paint therefore VOCs will be minimal. Plus there’s no evidence the VOC have any effect on pregnancies or fertility.

You probably pick up more chemicals filling up your car than from the paint. But wait till the smell subsides to be safe and you should be more than fine.

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