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Endo - the drama queen?


Today I feel as though endometriosis has ruined my life.

I had a lap in August and I’ve never felt so low.

I’m so tired of it all and the pain psychologically as well as physically it brings. I can’t have children because of it.

I went to the GP on Friday, they actually told me if I got pregnant it would reduce my symptoms! Oh and I should t expect another lap too soon- they’ve made things worse...omg.

Been taking serrapeptase- it seemed to work but it’s not now.

I’m so fed up and I need to stay upbeat for the one miracle I did have.

I can’t sit round a table with happy family members who have just announced their news with all the scan photos out and everyone saying how wonderful it is while I’m sat there. I will be waiting for any excuse to get up and leave.

If one more person comments ‘it would be nice if you had another one’ I might actually release some steam on them. They know nothing!!!!!!


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I can relate to that. I felt like my world fallen into pieces when they told me after my lap in September that the only way to get pregnant was IVF. I hated everybody and everything. Prostap injections made it even worse. I successfully avoided everybody who has children or there was a slim chance of them getting pregnant. It took me just over 6 months to make me feel better. Now I’m 7 days after transfer. I’m happier.

It’s a long way. I wouldn’t make it through on my own. Calming down and sleeping pills, therapist and counselling, tine off from work, holiday with my partner in sunny place... all that helped.

We are stronger than we know it love.

Good luck x

AJJ123 in reply to Buisquits

Thank you for replying. It’s awful, I couldn’t go in the end and face them all. I know I can’t avoid it forever. Fingers crossed for you, it’s easier for me to accept on here than it is in actual reality which I guess is down to the fact the people on here are facing the same struggles as me. It’s not that I don’t want people to be happy but right now I am entitled to be bitter it doesn’t mean my door isn’t open to people i just want to avoid situations where I have to hear how fantastic someone else is and how exciting times are ahead when, ok yes I have one child, but I will never feel normal again. It’s accepting that and the fact that my efforts since 2014 have just been for nothing. I hope to change my outlook but I just seem to keep getting knocked (not just the endo and fertility- other factors are at play) the saying when it rains it pours really does apply to me xx

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