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Hi all, hope you are all good.

I had my 1st scan since beginning Bemfola and Supercur. Was a little anxious as the nurse had said my left ovary was much smaller and had small follicles.

I had 13 follicles in all, is that any good? Not really sure what to expect as I had a low AMH for my age.

About 8-9 were 11-15mm and the others were 8-9mm not sure if these will be any good.

Any experience that may help or any advice?

Baby dust to you all on your journeys.


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13 follicles is really good. Remember each follicle potentially has an egg, so that is really encouraging. They tend to keep you on the medication until a cluster of the follicles are in the 18-21mm range. It sounds like it is going well so far. Good luck x

Em2405 in reply to Hoping327

Thank you!

I keep trying to tell myself “it only takes 1”.

Would love to have enough to be able to freeze some but ultimately I just want this to work so much.

Sounds like you’ve been through the wringer. Hope you are ok and baby dust to you.


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