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Switching Clinics After Second Failed Round - any advice?


Hi everyone. My partner and I have had two rounds of failed ICSI and I’m looking for advice on whether to switch clinics or not? Or any clinic recommendations? Our current clinic is an NHS one (we had to self fund for second round), they are lovely and so supportive but they haven’t changed protocol massively each time and I’m losing faith they don’t quite know how to help our particular situation. To give background: My husband had cancer at 18 so we are using frozen sperm before he had treatment. I have polycystic ovaries (not the syndrome), so both times I’ve been on Fostimon/Cetrotide/Gonasi I’ve overstimulated and produced over 30 eggs and got OHSS, and we never end up with good embryos to freeze. While that could just be my body/egg quality combined with frozen sperm and there’s not much doctors can do I’m wondering if for the next round we need to spend more at a different clinic who would try something else - if anyone can recommend any clinics with expertise in ICSI, or PCOS, preferably in London that would be amazing. Sorry for long post, I’m just so broken after another failed round with nothing to show for it.

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