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Bloods came back and it’s definitely a chemical pregnancy, so I’ve covered most basis now, crap fertilisation, s missed miscarriage, crappy eggs, and now egg donor and a chemical! Not impressed with the universe right now. Thank you for all your support xxxxxxxx

Just called the clinic and my hcg came back as 8, so I’ve got to go again on Saturday for a retest, but they said it was highly unlikely that the pregnancy would continue, and that basically it’s a chemical pregnancy.

I’m devastated 😔 I’m not sure what else we can do 😔 xxx

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So sorry. This journey can be horribly cruel. Do you have the option to try again with DE once you're ready? Thinking of you Xx

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Yeah we’ve got three in the freezer, just so fed up of it all now! Thank you lovely xxx

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I haven't even started my ivf yet but I'm fed up with it, so I can only imagine how fed up and frustrated you must feel, especially after so long. It's great that you have some frosties for when you feel up to trying again. Xx

I’m so sorry to hear this, I really am. don’t give up hope yetvas you have some in the freezer which is amazing to have. just take some time to look after yourself before you make any deceisions. Hope your being looked after xxx

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Aleelilook in reply to Missy_22

Thank you sweets, yes friends and family are wonderful xxx

I’m so so sorry to hear this. Look after yourself, treat yourself and be kind to yourself. Sending love xxx

Awwww hun. I was really hoping for a miracle. So sorry lovely. Take good care of yourself hun 💗🤗😘

Sorry to read this, this journey is so cruel! I hope your be kind to yourself today and have lots of support xx

Ahhh I'm so sorry hun! It is a huge disappointment when we try to do everything we can and we still don't get where we want to be!! I'm feeling a bit the same as you, but sick of it all just now but we both have freezers so there are still some positive there and look at button123 & fredflinatone that had a failed 1st DE cycle and successful 2nd! There's hope for us yet!! Lots of love and hugs lovely!!xxx

You’re so right, I need to focus on that, we have hope! Xxxxx

Oh Hun I'm really sorry to read this. This journey is so hard a cruel sometimes. Sending you love and hugs. Xxxx

Massive hugs. The universe definitely has it in for some of us. I know you’d rather not be but try to chill tonight with a glass of wine or 2. Have some time just being Aleelilook and other half, not thinking about anything else what ifs or what nexts. Just be you for a wee while xx

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Aleelilook in reply to WeeMrsH

We took the pup to the pub, I was determined to have a glass or two (perhaps 3??) of wine! Xx

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Dunla in reply to Aleelilook

I hit the wine last night too, three glasses! Suffered for it today mind you but it helped at the time x

So so sorry to hear this Aleelilook. The universe certainly seems cruel. Look after yourself and your husband xxxxx

Really sorry to hear this. Stay strong ok, don't give up. Take a little time out and then think about next steps. You will get there ok xx

This is so sad to hear. Chemical pregnancies are the worst. Hope you’re ok x

So sorry. Do you have any frozen from the de? xx

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Aleelilook in reply to Tugsgirl

Yep we have 3 so we are super lucky in that respect, just need to focus on one of those Frosties being the one, ugh I’m so exhausted! Xx

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Tugsgirl in reply to Aleelilook

I know that feeling 😞 xx

I want to swear for you, but it’s against the guidelines. So I’m sending sympathy xxx

😂😂😂 thank you sweets, I think I swear too much on here!! I should probably watch my mouth!!!!! Cxxxx

So sorry to hear your news, it’s not fair! I agree with WeeMrsH, try to just be for now, enjoy snuggles with Pup and Mr Aleelilook and deal with tomorrow, tomorrow xxxx

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Thank you lovely xx

I'm so sorry xxxx

Sending love 💞

I'm so sorry. Wishing you strength to get through this and energy for your next try. xx

Whatever I tell you won’t cut through the pain you’re feeling. But I’m sending you what bit of strength I have spare. This is a nightmare memory I have. And you don’t deserve it. Big hugs xx

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Aleelilook in reply to emu2016

Thank you so much xxx

Hiya, I’m so sorry. It’s so hard when you’re “throwing everything at it” so to speak and nothing works! I’ve been feeling the exact same way. So fed up. I have been lashing out at the universe too. Had our review appointment yesterday and just felt really angry about it all. I know this won’t make you feel any less devastated but I think I do understand how you’re feeling and want you to know I’m thinking of you and sending you love at this terribly painful time 😘 xx

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Aleelilook in reply to Dunla

Thank you sweets, and sorry you’re feeling it too, sometimes it’s just hard to see the light as it were!! I thunk when you go down the donor route you think that it will definitely work, as you’ve fixed the “weak link” don’t you?! What did your consultant say? Any light at the end of the tunnel? Xxxx

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Dunla in reply to Aleelilook

I agree with your assumption about the donor route. We thought that too. We also have severe male factor so are seriously considering donor sperm now too. If we get replacement eggs for another go that it is, it’s not 100% set in stone yet. If not that’s game over for us. Consultant was fine. Usual review appointment. No real answers for why it didn’t work. Obviously disappointing thaw of frozen eggs was a major factor. As for the embryo not implanting/ becoming a pregnancy. Who knows? Could have NK cells test etc but I’m not sure about those now. Male factor could also be prob with embryo genesis, hence the discussion of donor sperm. We’re going for more implications counselling to explore that option. It’ll be summer at the earliest before we’d have the money saved again to do anything anyway. I really don’t feel like I’ve got the energy for it, feeling pretty fed up with it all actually. Like I’ve run out of steam 😧

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Aleelilook in reply to Dunla

Oh wow no wonder you’re bloody fed up, it sounds exhausting lovely. Oh they’ve not confirmed the replacement eggs yet? If only they could give us definitive answers, it’s all the maybes, we don’t knows, just bad lucks that’s so hard. I’m glad you’re having the implications counselling, at least you’re going in armed! I’ve been in therapy for ages now, I’d be a complete mentalist otherwise😂

Sending you strength and positive vibes lovely, and for now we have Gin! Xx

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Dunla in reply to Aleelilook

Thanks pet, as you say the lack of definitive answers is the head wrecker for us all. Gin it is for the time being 😉 xx

my heart breaks for both of you..the pain is just awful..sending love and hugs xx

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Aleelilook in reply to vic77

Thank you lovely xxxxx

So sorry to hear that. Grieve and somewhere you will find the strength to keep going - I think anyone that has to go through this is much stronger than anyone thinks xx

So sorry to hear this. Sending hugs. You will get there. Our second go with donor eggs was successful. I hope yours will be too, when you are ready. It’s such a tough thing to go through. Maybe take an a littlw time out. It’s really hard to keep going sometimes but after a little time out I’m sure you’ll feel ready to try again xxx

Thank you lovely, that is reassuring to know, I think I must have had unrealistic expectations as I thought we finally had a good one!! Xxx

Hey lovely, I’m so sorry to hear your news, it sucks and it’s totally drains your soul.

It will be hard for you to see right now but the good news is that you have proved that your body can get pregnant. We had a chemical with donor eggs, followed by another BFN. At our last donor egg transfer we added a scratch + steroids and got our BFP!

So as rubbish as it is, you have moved a step closer, it just doesn’t seem like it right now.

Don’t give up, keep believing

Xx 🦄 🌈

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Aleelilook in reply to Hannah143

Thank you lovely, unfortunately I had a missed miscarriage on our second round of IVF using my own eggs, so I was just hoping that a donor one would stick, but there’s always the 3 embies waiting in the wings as it were! Congratulations on your BFP wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy lovely xxx

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Hannah143 in reply to Aleelilook

That’s great to hear, your little buba is waiting for you. Take the time to heal and when you’re ready give it another whirl. Good luck xxx

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