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Always hope for best

Hi ladies, I am also trying to conceive. But the duration is not short. I have been trying to conceive from the last 5 years. It’s not a short period and during this period I had my two miscarriages. I have a seven years old daughter and after that I don't have any baby. My first miscarriage was at very early stage i.e. within the two months of pregnancy and my daughter was one years old then. After then we tried for almost five years to get pregnant again but did not get the positive results. Me and my husband’s all tests were clear and doctors did not find the any major reason of not conceiving a baby. Few months before, suddenly I came to know that I am pregnant. It was really a shocking as well as unbelievable news for us. But we were very happy as It occurred naturally and after a very long time, almost five years. But this pregnancy also ended into a miscarriage as my baby was not growing properly. My doctor gave me medicine as well as growth injections but useless and my pregnancy terminated in 2nd month. It was really heartbreaking for me but we should never lose hope. I am quite sure that I will get pregnant soon and this time it would be a healthy pregnancy. Always hope for best.

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