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Nhs funded...need advice

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so hubby and I had our first appointment at the clinic yesterday which was a rollercoaster (that's for another time though) while we were there hubby just happened to mention we were in the process of buying a new home. This new home would put us out if our current post code, from Bedford to Northamptonshire. The clinic did some digging and informed us we wouldn't be nhs funded if we moved. Treatment is top priority of course, but we are so ready to escape our current home as there are too many painful memories here - we bought our current home to start a family, then we found out we couldn't.

anyway, what I'm trying to get at is has anyone been in a similar situation and managed to get round it somehow?

long shot I know, but just wondering...


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Funding is provided by the Ccg. Your ccg is determined by your dr postcode not yours . Unless the ccg has specific rules for change of address how is it an issue if you are maintaining the same GP?

I’d look up your ccg ivf funding rules.

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And hopefully it goes without saying but just in case, don’t change your GP. Are you still within their catchment area if you moved?

The more I think about it it doesn’t make sense. We live in hants but dr in Surrey so we fell under Surrey ccg ivf funding rules only last year - luckily as hants has one of the worst.

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no we'll be right out of catchment area if we move. I don't really understand it, but the clinic checked for us, so I'm going on what they say. Plus the rules state u have to live somewhere for 12months to get funding from tht area. 🙁

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How far out are you going? We are out of the GP catchment but they made an exception as the reason was our local dr lives across the road and didn’t want him to be that close to home! We are about a mile from the Surrey GP. Didn’t know we needed ivf at that point.

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we'll be about a 40 minute drive away.

Don’t tell your dr surgery you have moved until you’ve had your ivf. You can choose the address your drugs get delivered to, and if you have a postal redirection then any letters will still get to you. With any luck you’ll be able to choose Northampton as your clinic of choice for treatment anyway (if that’s what you want) but if not then just travel for the treatment. A few white lies could be worth thousands of pounds...

Do I sound like a bad person now?!

this is what we're hoping will work now, we've read up lots over the past few days, just want to check a few more things with the ccg, but hopefully we can keep the Drs like u say, as it's the Dr post code that affects it,not ours..but then of course u can't have the Dr with the postcode....but we're working on it!thank you!x

Lie lie lie!!!! 🤣

what part?

Just don’t tell anyone you’ve moved!

😆 lol I get ya now!

I’m In northamptonshire and there are several ccgs in this area so you would need to check the exact ccg.

On the plus side, we do have one of the statistically best clinics in Northampton. Not much good if you can’t get funding though.

I don't know much, but I would say that if you have already been approved and starting the cycle you should be able to continue?? In this sense, I am soon turning 35, the age limit for NHS funding, and they told me that if I was referred before 35 I should receive the treatment for free even if that happened after my birthday...

Hope everything goes fine!

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jhb_c in reply to Angnome

thank you, and good luck

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