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Cancelled appointment

This morning had a letter saying my appointment is cancelled rang and was told why but don't want to put on her due to privacy but felt annoyed as this is the appointment that will prescribe me more clomid tablets hopefully on a higher dose. I've already run out and waiting to see if they have worked this month. My appointment co insides well with my cycle and meant I was on time to start the next clomid tablets on days 2-6 the earliest appointment I can get for 5 mins for someone to write up a prescription is on the 31st of this month! Which I suppose is better than nothing but my question is my cycles are usually 29 days whilst on clomidby the time I get to the 31st I will be on cycle day 7 would it matter if I were a couple of days out and to take the next dose of clomid on this day or would I have to wait another month? Trying not to worry too much as there is nothing else I can do. I just feel like this is a sign that it's not meant to be 😥

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I’m sorry to hear this. It sounds very frustrating to have this set back. I definitely don’t think it’s a sign it’s not meant to be. Try not to let this set back put you off. I was never on clomid, I was a straight to IVF girl but I’m sure someone else here will be able to give you advice about your question.

I would also be led by what the doctor who writes your prescription on the 31st advises you to do x


Ahh thank you for your advice and understanding, i'm ok now i've slept on it and have maybe thought well at least it gives me a month off. I have heard stories of people getting pregnant the month they stopped the clomid. How did your IVF go? i'm trying not to think about it too much else I will worry... I am a huge worrier! x

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Sometimes sleeping on things helps give you a different perspective. I am a huge worrier too, this process lends itself to lots of anxiety anyway! I’m on round 5 now using donor eggs for the first time. Embryo transfer next Friday. Big week next week so keeping everything crossed that all goes smoothly 🤞🏻 Maybe a month off will be a good for you and who knows, you might fall pregnant anyway if those stories are anything to go by. Take care xx


Hey lovely I was on clomid for 4 months ( we didn't know I had endometriosis which the clomid aggregated-so I had to stop clomid). I had to take my clomid days 2-6 of my cycle. I think the earlier it is taken the more effective the clomid is so if you took it later you'd be giving less chance of it working, and as you are only allowed to take it for 6 months you don't want to do that.

How disappointing your appointment was cancelled- my fertility doctor prescribed 3 months worth then he authorized my GP to prescribe a further 3 months worth of clomid.

It is annoying beyond belief when you get set backs as we are all so desperate to have a baby. I know how you feel I've had to put my trying on hold to have surgery (after my miscarriage my endo symptoms have returned) its crappy Hun but good things come to those who wait!

Hopefully you won't need the clomid as you'll be pregnant- with my pregnancy I felt no different no symptoms.

Good luck xoxo


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