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Review meeting after failed ICSI - questions to ask

Hi, I'm seeing the Fertility Consultant after a failed ICSI cycle. What questions should i ask?

Here is some background information - age 38 with PCOS (taking Metformin due to PCOS)

- other half age 38 - low sperm count and motility issues

1st ICSI cycle, I over stimulated. Had 2 frozen embryos. Transferred 1 at a time but on both occasions embryos did not implant.

2nd ICSI cycle - 2 fresh embryos transferred. Another failed cycle started bleeding 5 days before test date. Had a scratch on this cycle.

The types of questions I was going to ask

Should I continue with treatment go for 3rd cycle. ( I have read it can take up to 3 cycles).

Should I use donor eggs, sperm or embryos

Not sure what else I can ask

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I'm sorry for the not so good results you have had from your previous ICSI cycles. You can email Diane, one of this group coordinator and she will send you a list of questions you can ask. I'm sorry I don' have the email address but hopefully she will pick your post and send you her email address.

I also found the below link helpful in asking questions and knowing what's happening .


Good luck with your next appointment.


Thank you for your reply. This will help me prepare for our next meeting.



I'd ask about any potential implantation issues. Also see if you can have blood work done. You could also have karotyping for both of you and uNK cell biopsies.

It's so frustrating and heart breaking when it doesn't work....im so sorry you're having such a hard journey.

Dianes surname is Arnold....shes great and will give you lots of ideas of what to ask.

Wishing you lots of luck xx


Thank you for you reply. After my 1st failed ICSI cycle I did have a blood test. Can't remember what it was testing for think it was antibodies and thyroid. Is that the blood test that I should have? I will look into the other things you mentioned. Thank you for taking the time to write a response.


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