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IVF @40. What happens?

My husband and I are both 40 & about to embark on IVF for the 1st time. I've had blood test for thyroid and to check I've ovulated, results came back good. Husband has had sperm test again all good. Just attended a gynaecology appoint. and had an internal utrasound and again no issues, Dr even said right side is get ready to realise an egg. So, why cant we get Pregnant!? We've been referred to IVF at Glasgow RI. I was told we'll be asked a lot of intrusive questions. What can I do to prepare?

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Hi :) Just to put your mind at rest, we were asked questions but i felt they weren't too intrusive, just along lines of how long been trying, what my cycles are like etc. I was glad to be able to discuss this and see what the consultant thought.

At my first appointment at the clinic i had blood tests and an internal scan done, same as yourself i was told i ovulated and looked like a was about to release an egg. It wasnt until my next appointment when the consultant discussed my blood results and explained i have low AMH, hubby has low sperm count and so we need ICSI. Though i was told a natural pregnancy wasn't ruled out. I know some clinics do the tests in different orders.

It is great news that your results are good, i would take that as a positive and a natural pregnancy not ruled out, though it is frustrating not to have an explanation for being unable to conceive.

In terms of preparing i would say, do whatever you feel comfortable with. I did accupuncture and reflexology and tried to eat a bit better but didn't go overboard. I also stopped drinking alcohol and cut down on caffeine. Now that i am having ivf i am having no caffeine and good diet at the moment but still not super strict, still having some chocolate! Dont want my body to think its in detox and think a bit of normality is good. My consultant advised me to eat food "your granny would make" as in normal meals lol. Though there is lots of advice about eating certain foods to help with fertility which i have taken on board: lentils, eggs, oily fish, nuts, wholegrains, leafy greens, variety of fruit&veg etc. There are also supplements you can take such as coq10, vit D, folic acid, vit E etc. I just take prenatal tablets and vit D spray for the moment and husband takes the male pre natal tablets.

I found Zita West IVF book helpful!

There are plenty of ladies more knowledgeable than me on here, im just going through my first round but hope the above is of some help.



Oh thank you for replying! Yes I've started Accupuncture but will look into reflexology. Thanks for the advice, I'll definitely have a look out for that book, and stock up on the vitamins too :)

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hi, I would say there's not much you can do to prepare other than healthy body and healthy mind. I had IVF at 40 too. Just wanted to wish you well with the treatment. You'll find lots of support on here xx


Thank you very much. Health drive full steam ahead! X

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I also had IVF at 40. Ended with a chemical pregnancy first attempt. Gives me some hope it can happen though! Trying naturally for a few months now. Most likely you will hear a lot about Egg quality because of your age. Look into vitamins, they can only help. I agree with reducing or cutting out caffeine too. There are possibly going to be probing questions from the clinic but they are there to help give you the best chance of success, so just try to think of that and be as open as you can. Also don't be afraid to ask questions yourself. Good luck! Here if you need to talk xx

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So sorry to hear your first attempt didn't work. I'm a bit scared of that too. We are only getting one chance on nhs cause of my age. I was initially excited to hear we were going to get help but today I'm just feeling worried about it not working. Anyway, I know I shouldn't worry as it will do no good whatsoever.

I hope you have a successful outcome too. X


Unfortunately we were victims of the postcode lottery where nhs funding stops after the mere age of 35! If we lived 40 minutes down the road we could have 2 rounds up to the age of 42. It's so unfair. I'm glad you are we're able to get your first round covered. Good luck to you! 😊


Just wanted to wish you the very best of luck!!

I’m too just about to turn 40, with unexplained. We’ve had one failed fresh cycle n Sept and have just started round 2 (first frozen cycle).

They’ll possibly do FSH bloods as well if they’ve not done already!! The questions were of course personal but nothing too intrusive!!

Wishing you the very best of luck!! xx

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