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Starting again on the NHS in Feb. Any advice on where to start when the funding was approved mid last year?

Hi Ladies,

Happy New Year :)

I've been silent since our last failed FET in September, trying to think about something else (yeah right...) and take a break from it all. It did feel good not to have any injections or scans or pills or pokes for a few months...

No good news or miracle during that time (part of me was hoping it would miraculously work naturally, but I guess that won't be our story...).

Back in April we got the approval for NHS funding. We were in the middle of a private cycle though and wanted to finish all embryos hoping it would work with one of the FET. Well, it didn't :( (2 failed stimulations,1 failed IUI, 1 Failed IVF and 2 failed FET...)

My husband and I really needed a break, both physically and psychologically before starting again, and now we’re ready.

I’ve had the appointment with the doctor last April who mentioned I could start whenever I was ready, but now I’m not quite sure what the next step would be.

Has any anyone not started immediately after the funding approval?

I reckon I probably need to do all the blood tests again for the HFEA paperwork but not sure if that’s to be done following the nurse appointment or if it needs to be all done prior to that with the GP or privately? I will go to the hospital to ask but I thought some of you might have been through a similar situation before.

Would really appreciate any advice.

Thanks in advance ❤

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Hi AlexHoBo. Well, let's hope the break has done you both good and your batteries are now recharge. i would expect you will start with an appointment to see the nurse/specialist to talk about drug regimes and fill out forms. Most likely more blood tests and semen analysis and a scan. Just really wanted to wish you both well, and of course for success this time. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thanks so much DianeArnold , that is very helpful and I really appreciate your good wishes. I shall contact the hospital next week... :)


Hi Alex, I would start with the clinic/hospital you got the funding with. I think they will book you a review appointment to kick things off. Good luck x

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Thank you 😊 x

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