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Ovulation Test Kits

Hi all

I'm on my penultimate cycle of Clomid. I'm feeling like if I don't get pregnant in the next two months then it won't ever happen. I'm 41 now, so can't get IVF on the NHS and we don't have that sort of money.

So my question is, are ovulation test kits any good? Do they work ok with Clomid? And if they do work, which are the best?

I've not used one before as I was told that they weren't worth it, but now I've got to the desperate stage I'm looking for anything that will help!

Thank you in advance for any advice xxx

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Hi there, trust me it's not the age that's making you feel that way - we all felt the same way when struggling with infertility - that if it doesn't happen now it will possibly never happen. Clomid is the stimulant so it will usually not interfere but there are certain cases when it does. Clomid has a terribly long clearance time and that's the problem. It's best to stick to their respective timelines to rule out the false positives on OPKs. From when to when you're supposed to take Clomid - in terms of CD I mean? You should use the OPK minimum 4 days after the last dose - it's better to make it precisely 100 hrs if possible to time it accordingly. About the brand - all I know is every other OPKs give 4-day fertile window except the Clearblue digital one which gives a 6-day window. Hope you don't mind if I add a little advise... if you need a baby desperately and financing is an issue look for reproductive tourism maybe. Good luck with the TTC, hope you get a BFP soon! :)


Hi Mokey76. Good advice from "StephyBuch". Just hope all works out OK for you. Diane


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