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Quite high ketone levels!

The last couple of days has been bad for sickness. Have not kept anything down for 24 hours now and just been to out of hours gp surgery and everything appeared physically fine and the gp asked for a urine test and checked my ketone levels are high. So have been prescribed a anti -sickness tablet and to drop off another urine sample at my gp tomorrow morning for another test.

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Good luck today... I had high ketones near the end of my pregnancy, when plus 1 they gave me anti sickness tablets and they didn't help and keytones got to plus 3 and, was admitted to hospital and on a drip for 2 days.. That worked... Just warning you... Hope you feel better soon xxx


Mine is up to plus 2 at the moment. But I’ve managed to get a couple of bits of food in me today and hoping it will stay down this time. Got to take another sample to the GP again tomorrow xxx

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Glad to hear that you managed a couple of bits of food... Carbs are best to bring keytones down the doctor told me... Hope it calms... Good luck tomorrow, wait to see how you are.. Lots of love Jackie x


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