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How to know the quality of your eggs


Hello everyone. Happy New Year.

I have been a little absent from the forum due to my IVF treatment. I'm doing very well. I have the best medical team and the most clinical wonder that I could find helping me.

I did an investigation on one of the biggest fears that women have when we undergo fertility treatments. And it is the quality of our eggs. This is a determining factor for our treatment to work. With the help of my doctors I have been able to compile the following information.

I hope it's help for everyone. And if anyone has any doubts about the subject or in the search of their ideal clinic, do not hesitate to ask me. I'm here to help you.

Evaluation of the ovules

There are several ways to determine how "good" or fertile a woman's eggs are. To begin with, average fertility rates have been established for different ages. An individual evaluation of the eggs of a certain woman and their fertility with respect to their age can be carried out by a blood test that is carried out on the second or third day of the period and that measures the hormonal levels . Also through blood tests that measure hormone levels before and after giving clomiphene, a medicine that stimulates ovulation. Finally, the response of female ovaries to medications that stimulate ovulation can tell a lot about the status of their eggs. A strong response to low doses of medicine indicates an abundance of fertile eggs, while a response of just one week to a high dose of the drug may be indicative of a limited number of poor quality eggs.

Improve fertility

We imagine that the next logical question would be: what could I do to improve the fertility of my ovules? Well, the first thing would be to plan to have children before age 35, when the quality of the eggs is optimal. But we know that many women are not willing to have children so early for a number of reasons. Then you have to take into account that the consumption of cigarettes causes the early death of the ovules, so quitting smoking would reduce the risk of an early menopause. On the other hand, a woman with irregular periods can benefit from medications that stimulate ovulation to normalize the cycle, as well as you could help an older woman whose fertility problem is due only to age. Because it is undeniable that a double ovulation a month offers a double possibility of achieving an egg sufficiently fertile to result in pregnancy.

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Hi many thanks for the info. I did a FSH blood test on CD 4 this was for ivf ref. The FSH came back as 9.2 and i was told it should be 8.9. Ithink 8.9 is what the hospital will accept where im being ref to for ivf. I have been told to redo the FSH again and this time to do it on CD 2. Ithink doing the FSH on Cd 4 has effected the results. What does this mean 9.2 is this to high ? does this mean i have poor quality eggs. I did the test last year and it was fine. Many thanks.

Camillage in reply to bibi_16

Hi. That is a very close number which is why I think you will be fine on a day 2 test. Some people come back in the high teens so 9.2 is not bad. Also, your results may change month to month. I know it's hard but try not to stress about it. The most important (and hardest thing to do) is to to relax as much as possible and make sure your stress levels are kept low. Xx

leonorSh122 in reply to bibi_16

Hello dear. I hope you are well. I'm so happy that it was helpful for you. Have you done any other test to verify these levels?

You did not have a bad result. Maybe it was not what was expected but you can talk to your doctor or seek help at another clinic.

I hope to read you soon and that it goes well with your treatment. Have a happy day :)

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