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Hi 👋

Hello lovely ladies (and gents)

Haven’t been around for a while.

I hope everyone is doing as well as can be expected whatever situation you are in wherever you are in your journeys.

It has been a bit of a rollercoaster with several things happening out of my control sent to test me. My husband and I have stuck through it and on a positive note I have my exploratory laparoscopy booked for February where they will hopefully tell me what is going on and why we haven’t yet had our miracle.

I hope everyone is ok and I will slowly be catching up with all the stories I missed whilst away.

I send hugs to those who lost 😢, congratulations to those who got BFPs ☺️and lots and lots of baby dust ✨✨✨ to those of us still going.

Be kind to yourself everyone

Kelly xx

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Hey, sorry you’ve had such a tough time of it! Glad to hear you’ve got your laparoscopy booked in though and hopefully it gives you something to focus on xx

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It’s funny because they always say when you’re not thinking about it it will happen so you live in that hope that it might. One of my fur babies was in a car accident so I have been so busy worrying about him that I didn’t even think about all of this and then this month like clockwork right before Christmas flo came and I just feel like I’m in a funk.

I’m hoping (so badly) that this lap is going to show something otherwise I have no idea what I’m going to do. Thank you for asking

Sending virtual hugs hun xxxxx 💕


That’s true but it’s hard to not constantly think about it though isn’t it. Oh no, hope he’s okay?

I hope it will bring you answers, it definitely did for me as I wasn’t aware I had any problems (otherwise than like you being so frustrated it wasn’t happening) before my lap xx

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It is so frustrating having another month go by with no signs of anything just the agonising pain each month as a physical reminder that it hasn’t happened again.

I think it’s harder knowing ppl who didn’t want kids yet or who just started and it’s happened straight away. I always worry as we have been dancing since last June and we haven’t even conceived and it’s not stuck. We’ve literally had nothing... even though everything is working as it should.

I don’t know we’ll see fingers crossed this lap will either show something or they can clean it out or something...



Best of luck for the laparoscopy. We managed to get answers with mine. Not the best of news but at least we knew ivf was our way from then on. Finally got our bfp on our 5th go so there is hope. Just hope this one stays as already had 2 miscarriages.

Thinking of you on your journey x

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Thank you for the reply and the positive story I really hope it sticks too.

I hope I get some answers like you ladies have I just don’t like the not knowing even if it was bad news at least I’d be able to look forward but at the moment I feel like I’m in limbo xx


Wow February is when I had my lap and they found endo and partially blocked tubes they told me go for ivf or I'll end up ectopic high risk. I didn't listen did research and took serrapeptase cleared, my tubes although I haven't got my happy ending yet. Iv defied them iv got pregnant 3 times although lost them not been ectopic hoping this 4th one isn't.

Just sharing my story with you I'm sure I have before too good luck him trusting you get the, answers you need and be able to move on with having your baby xxxx


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